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The Amazing iPhone! January 16, 2009

Posted by liverpoolchamber in Technology, World Wide Web.

apple_iphone_2Or How To Use The iPhone As A Business Booster

Our good friends ICDC and Kisky Netmedia have put together a fab report on the wonderous magic that is the iPhone and how you can use it as a business platform to help you work and communicate better.

They say:

iPhone: Why the hype?

Everyone knows the iPhone is big news; those who have one say they’d “never go back”, but to some, the “joy of iPhone” is still a mystery. Why is the iPhone changing the mobile landscape? Does it live up to the hype?  How can businesses engage their customers on the move? And just what makes a great iPhone app?

What’s the iPhone opportunity for your business?

The Amazing iPhone Report is aimed at developers, and business owners alike. It’s aim is to give a grounding to those new to the platform. The Amazing iPhone Report covers:

  • An overview of iPhone: why all the hype!
  • Mobile 2.0: the changing mobile landscape
  • The Opportunity
  • Developing for iPhone: skills you need

Maybe you’re already working with mobile apps, maybe you see iPhone as your first foray into mobile. The Amazing iPhone report offers business owners strategic insight into why they should consider iPhone as a key platform for engaging communities, customers and enterprise. Entrepreneurs will learn what works; and what’s hot on the iPhone platform.

So whether you think the iPhone is a piece of Apple-Mac saucery, or the potential tool to help you profit, check out the Amazing iPhone website for more info and the full report.



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