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Chamber’s Superlambanana Splits August 27, 2008

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Here’s a photographic record of the saddest moment of the summer.

Our very own Lambanana, ‘First Past The Post’ (otherwise known as Lamby) was taken away today and transported to a mystery location lambing shed in preperation for the auction of all the superlambananas on 9 September.

Lamby was painted by artist and Liverpool Chamber staff member Pamela Holstein.

He represented the Grand National Races, a highlight in the sport and one of our most popular corporate entertaining venues.

We’ll all be sad to see the little fellas go. They certainly added a touch of colour and humour to the old place.

Spend A Little, Run A Lot! August 19, 2008

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Liverpool Chamber’s 5K Team challenge is off to a great start! With sponsorship from Adecco, Ray Ross Print Factory and now 2000 bottles of water and a cash injection from new sponsors Aldi.

A new course has been agreed for the former Corporate Cup event, this 5K route uses city centre roads starting and finishing in front of the famous Liver Buildings.

The actual start / finish line will be in Brunswick Street outside the entrance to Cunard Buildings. It will then follow a path through George’s Dockway and Mann Island onto Canada Boulevard. Passing through St. Nicholas Place the first 500 meters will be completed at the entrance to Princes Parade where it moves through to Waterloo Road just before the Costco store and then along the main road as far as Cotton Street where it will turn right.

Approaching the half way point here it will then turn right again at Clay Street into Carlton Street where it will then turn left at the bottom back onto Waterloo Road to follow the same route back to the finish.

With a course as flat as this expect good fast times!

Get your map from www.runliverpool.org.uk where you can also get you team entry forms but hurry, your entries need to be with us by Friday 29th August 2008.

And your running won’t be in vain!  We’ve teamed up with the Roy Castle Cancer Foundation, so that your friends and family can show support by sponsoring every kilometre!  We can think of no better reason to put on your running shoes!

We still have a couple of sponsorship opportunities so if you’d like to help just call Jenny Stewart on 0151 227 1234 or email her at jenny.stewart@liverpoolchamber.org.uk

Jenny’s Jog Blog Part III August 12, 2008

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Liverpool Chamber 5K Team Challenge- arriba, arriba!

Continuing the tale of Chamber Head of Client Services Jenny Stewart and her training for the 5K Team Challenge…

The holiday season arrived and if I thought of taking a few days off training then I had another thing coming.  I gamely packed my running shoes, track pants and a vest, knowing that it would be much too hot to run, even in the late evening. I also knew having been there before that it was a hilly terrain and just taking one look at the size of the hills would put anyone off walking never mind running. So two weeks by the pool it was to be!

To my surprise though, RoKo made sure I was up at the crack of dawn every morning so that we could run in the cool air! We’d creep out of the gate so we wouldn’t wake the other residents. How come metal gates always creek? And off we’d go down the road over the speed bumps which weren’t really required to slow me down and on towards Puerto Banus. It was a full 5k to the harbour, so I knew that unless we drove down in the evening I would never see the Ferrari’s and  lambo’s in all their glory.

With each morning’s run came a new achievement. The downside to it though was the fact that we had to walk back from wherever we reached. Our target was Puerto Banus harbour, so we did not ever consider a circular route so the total distance covered would actually be 10k. I always remembered to to tuck a 20 euro note into my sports bra so that we could get a taxi back if necessary!

There is always an upside too, as on the way back we were able to stop at the bread shop to buy freshly baked bread for breakfast. Mind you, it took a deft hand to rescue the very damp 20 euro note required to pay for it!

Running is a great stimulant for the appetite, and it increases your desire to eat healthily. I’ve always been a great junk food eater, but now without realising, I’ve ditched much of the chocolate and substituted it for healthy snacks. If you want my recipe for fat free and sugar free breakfast loaf, just send me an email!

Puerto Banus Harbour

Puerto Banus Harbour

By the third day, Roko and I were reaching the coveted Puerto Banus harbour, 5k from our apartment.  The speed wasn’t great but hey we’d nailed the distance! I even had just about enough breath to take in the wonderful views and look longingly at the lambo!

The problem with being a running bore is that you never know to whom you are extolling the virtues. Here’s me telling a commonwealth games silver medal winner how she really should take up running as it helps you get fit, lose weight, eat more healthily and gives you an excess of the happy hormone serotonin. How embarrassing!

So about 8 weeks into my training programme I’m running about 5k, five times a week. I never thought the couch potato would make it.  Now its time to improve the my time. Don’t want to come in last………

If I’ve inspired you to enter a team just download your application forms from www.runliverpool.org.uk. If you feel you can help us sponsor the race just send me an email jenny.stewart@liverpoolchamber.org.uk

Liverpool Chamber AGM Agenda July 4, 2008

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will be held at Jury’s Inn
at 12 Noon on Wednesday 23rd July 2008

Members are requested to attend


1. To elect the President of the Chamber

2. To elect the Chairman, Vice Chairman and Deputy Vice Chairman of the Chamber

3. To receive the report of the Board from the Chairman

4. To receive the Statement of Accounts and Balance Sheet, and the Report of the Auditors

5. To agree the re-appointment of Edward Robinson as Auditors for 2008/09 and to agree to allow the Board to fix their remuneration

6. (a) To elect Council members retiring in rotation under Article 42 and who have signified their willingness to offer themselves for re-election

(b) Council are asked to NOTE the resignations of Council members.

(c)To elect members who have been recommended for election to Council, or who have signified their willingness to be elected in accordance with Article 39

7.  To formally agree to the adoption of the new “Code of Operation” to prepare for the future Governance of the Chamber.

Download a copy of the Code of Operation here [Word Doc]


Book your place online at the Chamber website

Get directions to Jury’s Inn Liverpool

Jenny’s Jog Blog Week Two June 24, 2008

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Continuing the epic tale of Liverpool Chamber’s Head of Membership Jenny Stewart’s preparation for September’s 5K Team Challenge

Week Two

And what a weekend it was, between shopping at Liverpool One (for the smartest track pants you’ve ever seen…with a pink go faster stripe…) and sampling the yummiest restaurants that Liverpool has to offer, it was quite a shock to the system to realise that I had to get my running shoes out of the cupboard again on Sunday evening! But not to be deterred, we recommenced the training programme, increasing the number of running lamp posts and decreasing the number of walking lamp posts.

The distance to the top of the road is 4/10ths of a mile and with only three stops, I am definitely becoming a runner!  Turning round at the top of the road my sister persuaded me to slow the pace and just run without the lampost breaks, just to “see how far we could go”.  Some how I had obviously warmed up, and with only 2 lampposts to get back to the start, there was no point in stopping.  Rather, I needed to sprint!



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Join us for a networking breakfast with a round up of the previous day’s activities British Chambers of Commerce Convention plus an opportunity to get a first hand look at some of our city’s most exciting economic developments.



Following this choose from one of three study tours.

Port of Liverpool 

Encompassing the new Liverpool cruise facility, ‘Liverpool Waters’ development site, Freeport, Royal Seaforth Container Terminal and site of planned £100 million Post Panamax container Terminal.

Littlewoods Shop Direct HQ

See the future of on-line and home shopping at the newly refurbished £31m HQ, Skyways House in Speke

Liverpool One

A 900m private sector-retail led regeneration of Liverpool City Centre creating over 1.6m sq feet of shopping space.


To book call Sue Platt or Melissa Bush on 0151 227 1234.

Management Training for £649 March 26, 2008

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Liverpool Chamber’s training arm, Trident Training Ltd, is offering NVQ Level Four qualifications, equivalent to a degree level qualification, in Management. The training is subsidised by the Chamber through the Learning & Skills Council, meaning that you or members of your staff can take this qualification for as little as £649.

This qualification is suitable for everyone who has to manage or supervise staff and covers a wide range of areas including :-

Develop and implement operational plans for your area of responsibility.

Encourage innovation in your area of responsibility.

Develop productive working relationships.

Provide leadership.

Planning, Leading & Implementing change.

Project & Financial management.

Manage the achievement of customer satisfaction

The NVQ is competence based. This means that it is linked to a person’s ability to competently perform a range of tasks connected to their work. As such,there is no specific time table for achievement but it is up to the individual to decide how quickly they wish to achieve the qualification.

Trident assigns each candidate a personal assessor, who will deliver the qualification at the candidates workplace, making visits for short assessment sessions for observation, interview or general discussion Trident Training Ltd deliver training through the e-portfolio on-line learning, which gives the individual 24 hour access to their portfolio through the Chamber web site, so in effect they can input their evidence of competence in their place of employment, at home or other location.

For more information regarding the qualification please contact the Workforce Development Manager Simon Chadwick on 0151 236 5481

Team Chamber Cruise To Second Place for 800th Birthday! August 28, 2007

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Team ChamberLiverpool Chamber staff took part in a special ‘school sports day’ on Old Hall Street today to help celebrate Liverpool’s 800th Birthday.

In a series of classic events, like the egg and spoon race, sack race and space hopper, er, race, Team Chamber took on teams from neighbouring businesses and organisations.

Despite a quite horrendous level of cheating being displayed by some teams (mentioning no names, but Liverpool Vision and the Combined Armed Forces Team should be ashamed of themselves), the Chamber’s brave athletes scored a valiant joint second overall. And that was with hardly any cheating at all. Well, maybe just a bit…

Egg and spoon raceAll participants were awarded a special medal for taking part. The Chamber’s very own Paul also received some nasty scraped knuckles, a result of a desperate dive and roll to beat the an army to the finish line.

See pictures of the games and other events on the Chamber Flickr page.

Other events took place around the city, including pageants and parades and tonight will see a spectacular fireworks display at the Pier Head. There was even a medieval theme in Exchange Flags, with stilt walkers (very big in the 13th century, apparently), and real live birds of prey on display. Surprisingly, no pigeons were anywhere to be seen.

More details on the day’s events can be found on the Liverpool 08 website.

More pictures from the day can be seen on the Prazzi website.

2007 Birthday Celebrations Events Update August 13, 2007

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Liverpool 800th Birthday Logo As we’ve already mentioned, Old Hall Street and the surrounding area in the heart of Liverpool’s business district will be hosting a street party on 28 August to celebrate the city’s 800th birthday.

We’ve now got a few more details of what you can get up to:

  • Old Hall Street will be closed outside the Post & Echo building, 11.30am – 3.30pm but visitors can get round – there will be a traffic management company and stewards to re-direct traffic to car parks etc.
  • Geraud markets will be selling fine foods at six stalls, plus CAMRA real ale tasting. Seven companies (including Liverpool Chamber) will be taking part in school games
  • An Echo chip van will be selling chips wrapped in special commemorative Echo
  • Cake making competition – a cook-off contest between chefs.
  • Local pubs will be taking part – Exchange, Cross Keys, Lion are all in the real beer festival starting on the birthday, plus fine foods will be available. Cross Keys – history of stadium/boxing display – former boxers visiting.
  • Exchange Flags will be decked up with a Medieval theme – including falconry (to keep the local pigeons on their, er, toes), archery, jousting and the like – 11.30 – 15.00.

Liverpool Chamber Cocktail Party, Knowsley Hall July 3, 2007

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Cocktail party guests

Over 80 guests attended Liverpool Chamber’s Cocktail Party at Knowsley Hall on 27th June. They were greeted by a champagne reception followed by a wine tasting session provided by J L Lees and Purple Wines.

Guests were free to explore the the lavish home of the Chamber’s President, Lord Derby while networking and chatting.

You can see photos from the event on the Chamber’s Flickr pages.