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Make A Pledge For The Environment May 5, 2009

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Liverpool’s Year of the Environment’s Pledge scheme is now available on www.ourcityourplanet.co.uk

This gives you the chance to go online and promise to do something green to mark this special year. You can choose to do something individually, as an organisation, or you can make a pledge and challenge other people to take part. 

Start pledging by going to the website and filling in the simple form

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Green Is The New Black – Sixty Really Useful (And Free) Minutes April 29, 2009

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lady_lamb_crop8 May, 9-10am
Liverpool Chamber

As part of our ongoing series of free practical business seminars – Sixty Really Useful Minutes, on May 8 we will be joined by David Hunt.

He will be talking about how ‘green is the new black’.

Reducing your waste and cutting your energy usage not only saves the environment, but it saves your pocket too. This 60 Really Useful Minutes will show you six practical ways to going green and cutting your bills.

So join us for an hour of top tips you can take away and start using straight away. There’s no networking, no nibbles, just 60 useful minutes to change the way you work.

To book your place, please email events@liverpoolchamber.org.uk with your name and company details.

Join Us To Give Your Business The Green Edge April 28, 2009

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Thursday 7 May

Green Business Marquee, Chevasse Park

Find out about how your business can save money and become greener by implementing the latest environmental management systems. Liverpool Chamber is hosting seminar at part of Green Business Day.

The event is a no cost, one hour seminar to help you become leaner and greener presented by Stephen Sykes principal consultant for Emansys. The event till take place between 2pm until 3pm.

There will also be an opportunity to join Liverpool Chamber’s Environment Club. The event will encourage companies to take a Year of the Environment Green Pledge or go further to become a Green Business Ambassador.

For more information or to book a place email maresa.molloy@liverpoolchamber.org.uk

Give Your Business The Green Edge April 24, 2009

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tree.jpgLiverpool Chamber is continuing its pledge to ‘Give businesses the green edge’ by supporting a Green Business Day being held in Liverpool city centre as part of Liverpool’s Year of the Environment 2009.

The event will take place on Thursday 7 May, to coincide with European Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) week 2009. The week will see a huge variety of events taking place across the European Union.

A giant marquee in Liverpool One’s newly completed Chavasse Park will act as the focal point for the day, with a green business fair taking place inside between 10 am and 4 pm.

Merseyside SMEs are being invited to come along. Environmentally focused businesses from across Merseyside will be demonstrating easily applicable green measures any company, individual, school or community group could take to save the environment.

As part of the day, Liverpool Chamber will be hosting a free seminar and workshop within the Chavasse Park marquee, from 2 until 3pm, titled ‘Giving Businesses the Green Edge.’

The seminar will see a number of key speakers, including Emansys principal consultant and head of the Liverpool Chamber environment committee, Stephen Sykes.

Businesses attending the workshop can learn about environmental management systems, waste management applications and a range of practical eco-friendly measures. There will also be an opportunity to join Liverpool Chamber’s Environment Club.

We hope the event will encourage companies to take a Year of the Environment Green Pledge or go further to become a Green Business Ambassador.

In order to become a Green Business Ambassador, a business must have achieved a standard, won an award or have outstanding green credentials before applying for the title. Successful ambassadors will be able to raise their profile, and that of Liverpool as a leader in the tackling of climate change.

There will be locally sourced food for sale and eco-friendly entertainment for the public to enjoy throughout the day

Help Reduce The Carbon Footprint And Cut Business Costs March 31, 2009

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Green_leaf_detail We all have a duty to help in reducing carbon emissions as well as encouraging good work place practices that reduce waste and extravagance. The HR function should help lead the way by pro-actively encouraging the business and the workforce to adopt some simple measures to make reductions.

Here are some simple ways in which the business and the environment can benefit.

a.      Switch it off – Switch off unnecessary lighting – with the lighter days do we need that light or is it just for effect? Where lights are not needed for productive work or for health and safety reasons then make sure they are turned off. This will reduce costs and reduce the heat generated in an office

b.      Reducing monitor waste – Is that computer turned off? Don’t just let your laptop hibernate or your work station tick over, turn it off. At night when you leave the office do you check to make sure that both the hard drive and the monitor are switched off? The number of monitors that hum along on stand by eating up power all night is colossal. Turn it off!

c.      Turn it off last thing – Have an employee designated to check the building last thing to make sure that equipment that does not have to be switched on or on stand by is turned off. Make sure that the lights are turned down and heating is kept to a minimum.

d.      Temperature control – Ensure that all radiators have individual thermostats that actually work. This will enable the heat in a room to be adjusted for ambient temperature to suite the individuals working in that room. Make sure that they some sort of default maximum setting so that heating costs are reduced.

e.      Is that journey necessary? – Think before making a business journey, could it be done in a better way. Is it necessary at this time or can it be combined with another journey? Can video/telephone conferencing be used instead?

f.       Do you have to use a vehicle?- If the destination is close can you walk, could you cycle – is that practical? By allowing more time to go to close locations many may be in walking range. The benefit then is at least two fold – healthy exercise and cost reduction.

g.      Is that printed copy needed? – Why do we seem to have to print every thing that is sent when an electronic copy and back up would almost certainly suffice? The amount of paper that is wasted is considerable and with paper and print costs climbing thing before you print.

h.      Was that photocopy required?- How many of us take an extra copy just in case and what is the cost to business as well as to the environment? Try to think electronically. If a copy is needed for a meeting can it be sent electronically first and perhaps just one copy available at the meeting. Attendees could share information copies to reduce the number needed.

i.        Is that printer necessary?- a good way to help reduce printing costs is to cut the number of network printers and stop buying individual desk printers. Undertake an audit of the staff who really need a printer, they should be only the ones who have to print confidential information and even then only those who need to do it on a regular substantial basis. Think electronically and reduce costs.

j.        Stop web surfing- Many business costs are compounded by individual staff surfing the web for their own purposes at work. There is a considerable cost in lost time but many of these web searches result in reams of paper being used for helpful hints and advertising and holiday searches. Be firm, be fair but put an end to it. It’s costing the business money in many ways and HR must act positively to discourage this waste. Let the staff web surf from designated PCs only and make sure that they are not linked to a printer! The internet is for business use and so only needs to be accessible to a few people who need it to maintain the client service at acceptable levels.

These are just a few of the hints and tips that are available all across the business network. HR needs to help business cut costs and maintain margins as the credit crunch hardens. Think ‘is something really necessary, is there a better cheaper more environmentally sound way of doing something or providing some information?’ Prepare a policy and send it electronically to your staff. Explain the sense of reducing print costs both in hard and soft ware.

It is the role of HR to act in the best interests of the business look for savings, consider reductions and recommend positive steps.

For more information and assistance visit the ChamberHR website www.chamberhr.co.uk

Alan Hunt – Qdos Consulting Limited providers of ChamberHR

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Help Create A Garden For Charity March 23, 2009

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bumble_bee Do you have gardening expertise that turn your friends green with envy? Well, we need you!

This year, Liverpool Chamber has awarded Nugent Care as our Charity of the Year and for our first major project with them, we will be creating a garden at the charity’s St. Joseph’s residential care home in Aigburth.

If you have gardening expertise,  garden products  that you could donate or would simply love come on down and muck in, we’d like to hear from you.

Over 20 Chamber staff have already signed up to get their hands dirty for charity. We will be looking to start work on the garden one weekend after Easter; if you’re interested we’ll keep you in the know.

St Joseph’s in Aigburth is a home for people with an acquired brain injury many residents have either been injured in a road traffic accident or have suffered a stroke, the age group is wide and 19 people live errantly in the home.

If you would like to dig in, email Catherine at the Chamber with your details.

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Invitation To Our Environment & Energy Committee Meeting March 18, 2009

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tree Chamber members (and non-members) are invited to our next Environment and Energy Committee Meeting.

Liverpool Chamber is a partner in Liverpool City Council’s ‘Year of the Environment 2009’. As part of this we are encouraging local businesses to become more involved in environmental issues, and how the Chamber can become a greener organisation.

25th March 2008

Time:    10am-12 noon

Venue:  FACT – 88 Wood Street, Liverpool, L1 4DQ

Please note the change from the usual venue. This month we look forward to welcoming you as part of the FACT Climate for Change exhibition. At the end of the meeting you are invited to stay for some lunch and networking.

If you are interested in attending, please email Maresa Molloy, Head of Policy


Eco Surgery @ Brew Thursday 12 March March 11, 2009

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turbines LCDP Surgery @ Brew with Eco Environments  

Brew Tea Bar (off Old Hall Street)

From 11.00 to 14.00

Guest Speaker: David Hunt

Energy costs through the roof! Make better use of yours!

Eco Environments Ltd are an award wining company that help businesses and home owners reduce their energy costs. They can even help you generate your own electricity. Director David Hunt will be on hand at Brew Bar, from 11am to 2pm on Thursday 12th March to answer any questions you have on how to make your business or home more energy efficient, reducing costs and going green in the process.

Website: www.eco-environments.co.uk

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Liverpool Arts Organisations Take Up The Climate Change Challenge February 27, 2009

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Bryan Biggs (Artistic Director of the Bluecoat), Ben Todd (Exec Director of Arcola Theatre), Counsellor Gary Millar & Angela McSherry (Tipping Point Executive)

Bryan Biggs (Artistic Director of the Bluecoat), Ben Todd (Exec Director of Arcola Theatre), Counsellor Gary Millar & Angela McSherry (Tipping Point Executive)

Organisations including the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic, the Bluecoat, Tate Liverpool and NML, gather this week to explore new ways of tackling climate change issues in some of the Liverpool city region’s most high profile arts venues.

The key event will feature environmental experts and encourage the arts and culture organisations to play a bigger role in tackling climate change issues in their own buildings – and beyond.

The Tipping Point workshop was staged by the Liverpool Arts and Regeneration Consortium (LARC) and Liverpool City Council and will feature contributions from Ken Livingstone’s former climate change advisor and a London organisation bidding to become the world’s first carbon neutral theatre.

A total of 20 arts and cultural organisations from across the Liverpool city region joined the day-long workshop, led on behalf of LARC and Liverpool City Council by Tipping Point, a national organisation dedicated to finding creative ways of tackling climate change issues.

Liverpool City Council’s Executive Member for the Environment, Councillor Berni Turner, said: “We want as many people as possible to get involved in the Year of the Environment and it’s fantastic news that so many arts and cultural organisations are getting together to talk about the important issue of climate change.

“This year is all about working together to see what more we can do to make our region a sustainable community.”

Participants attending the event will share their own ideas for reducing carbon emissions and listen to experts before exploring practical suggestions for improving the carbon impact of their own organisations.

Sign Up To WWF’s Earth Hour February 13, 2009

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tai-shanThe World Wildlife Fund are running a campaign to highlight the need for action on climate change. And you can get involved.

On Saturday 28 March 2009 at 8.30pm, people, businesses and iconic buildings around the world will switch off their lights for an hour – WWF’s Earth Hour.

They want a billion people around the world to sign up and join in.

Some 377 cities from 74 countries have already signed up. In addition, many iconic landmarks will be plunged into darkness, including the Forth Bridge, the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff; Christ the Redeemer in Rio de Janeiro, Table Mountain in Cape Town and Sydney Opera House.

Sign up to show that you care about people, wildlife and the planet, and that you want the world’s leaders to take action to tackle climate change.

You can sign up as a business,school or individual. It won’t cost you anything, but could save you a lot.

All the info and sign ups here.