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New Glenn Brown Art Game February 20, 2009

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brownWe love Glenn Brown. One of the stand-out artists of the ‘Sensation’ generation, he’s now got a mid-career retrospective going on at Tate Liverpool. Go and have your mind boggled.

To mark this occasion, local techno-gurus Glow New Media have made n online game based on his works.

It’s a digital version of those games where you have to switch the suares around to complete the image. Infuriating but addictive.

Play the game here.

Darth Vader’s Management Tips January 9, 2009

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We all know and love that darkest of Dark Lords of the Sith, Darth ‘Anakin’ Vader. But just how did he get to where he is today, and how does he manage his many minions?

Well, we found this great set of tips from the man in black himself over on the Lifehack website. So if you’ve got a rebellion to crush, you could do worse than follow the big fella’s advice…

Operating a truly effective organization can be daunting. It requires skill, dedication, a willingness and ability to rebound from failure, bloodlust, and a notable absence of mercy. Mastery of the Dark Side of the Force is also useful. You’re probably asking “how did the empire become The Galactic Empire?”

This article gives you a few of my favorite management secrets, some of which I have passed on to my brother, Chad, who manages the Day Shift at Empire Market. In the spirit of Stephen Covey’s Seven Habits of Highly Successful People, here are what we might call “Nine Habits of Highly Sith-cessful People.”

  1. Use Fear. Yoda once said that “fear is the path to the Dark Side.” He couldn’t have been more right; however, his conclusions were wildly off base. Fear can be a great motivator, both for you and for those around you. Fear can help you overcome moral ambiguities by clouding them with the need for action, now.  Also, fear is the way to motivate people.  You may find their lack of faith disturbing, so you may need to demonstrate your superiority. If someone disagrees with you, Force-choke them until they see things your way.
  2. Don’t Tolerate Dissent. Destroy it. Make sure everyone knows that your word is the last word. Demand unwavering faith in your abilities from your inferiors, and if they display a disturbing lack of faith, choke them.
  3. Punish Incompetence. Many of your subordinates will be as clumsy as they are stupid. If someone has failed you for the last time, Force-choke them to death and promote someone who knows what they are doing. Keep Force-choking people until someone finally learns his or her lesson.
  4. Deal Exclusively On Your Terms. Periodically, you will have to make deals. Alter them at your discretion, and don’t worry about any consequences. I recently had to do this with a mining entrepreneur in the Cloud City of Bespin, who expected to be treated with equanimity. Needless to say, I got what I wanted.
  5. Use Loyalty Judiciously. Only submit to a stronger hand, and then try to destroy it once you are powerful enough. Stop at nothing to get to the top.
  6. Always Look for Talent. Periodically, you will come across a real gem like my wayward son, Luke. Realize that they can be your key to double-crossing your superiors. If they don’t play along, kill them.
  7. Know that Power is what matters. Your ability to assert yourself in a difficult situation depends on your power. If you have power, you can have anything you want. Stop at nothing to get it.
  8. Get Out There and Lead. While Grand Moff Tarkin was prematurely celebrating victory over the Rebel Alliance, I was out there shooting at X-wings. Which one of us survived the Death Star attack? That’s right, me.
  9. Finally, always remember that an elaborate, far-reaching plan, which relies on people reacting exactly how you plan for them to react, is always better than a simple plan. Nothing illustrates your genius quite like a meticulous, detailed, super-plan which will go horribly awry if people don’t react exactly the way you think they will.  Just know who to blame when things don’t go the way you expect them to.

Those are a few brief pointers that I have used to make my climb, from defeated Jedi pulling his mangled corpse out of a volcano to Dark Lord of the Sith overseeing the construction of the ultimate power in the universe. With the right effort, you can, too.

Post originally found here.

Learn To Do Just About Anything Online July 18, 2008

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It’s time for another post on how great the world wide web is. We’ve recently looked at how social networks can benefit business and a list of 80 sites to hack your life. So today, it’s a look at the sites where you can go to learn to do, well, just about anything.

Over on the Dumb Little Man blog, they’ve posted a list of 15 sites that can teach you to anything from learning to build your own website to looking after a sick cat. Some of them you may have heard of, some you won’t, and some may be a surprise.

The full list of 15 sites can be seen here, but it includes:

  • YouTube – yep, it’s not all dancing stormtroopers. Need to learn how to tune a guitar, build a blog or bake a nice cake? Chances are someone’s posted an instructional vid on YouTube.
  • How Stuff Works – with sections covering cars, pets, computers, business, food, money and more, find out how things tick here.
  • wikiHow – user generated content on a host of topics
  • Wired’s How To Wiki – Wired is the techy’s mag of choice, and its how to site covers technical matters such as gadgets, technology and computers. Geek out here.
  • W3Schools – become a web developer by using these free tutorials from the people who help set web standards
  • VideoJug – probably the largest and most comprehensive online video tutorial site, covering a mind-bogglingly broad selection of subjects.

Read the full list on Dumb Little Man here.

Friday Fun – Flight Of the Hamsters February 29, 2008

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hamster.jpgHere’s a little game to pass the time on your designated break today (as it’s just started chucking it down it doesn’t look like a day for going out).

Flight of the Hamsters lets you fire be-goggled rodents through the air to see how far they can go. Bounce of various objects to go further and score more points. Good clean fun.

Play Flight of the Hamsters here.

Friday Fun – White Dwarf January 25, 2008

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white-dwarf.jpgIt’s Friday. Woo yay. So here’s a little game to play on your designated break.

In White Dwarf, you control the white circle. Collect the green circles whilst avoiding the red. The more greens you collect, the greater your gravitational pull, which attracts all colours. Use the blue dots to ‘bank’ your collection of greens.

Mindless fun or a thought-provoking and educational representation of the mighty forces of nature that control our very existence? Who knows…

Play White Dwarf here.

Friday Fun – Kebab Tetris January 11, 2008

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kebab.jpgSo the holidays are definitely over – we’ve all had our first full week back in work. Deep joy!

So, here’s a little game to pass the time on your designated break and brighten your Friday.

I’m not sure what it’s really called, as the site’s not in English, but let’s call it Kebab Tetris for now.

Your first test is to get the game going, as the instructions are in a foreign tongue. I’m not going to tell you how to do that, but it’s an easy challenge.

Once you’re in, you have to skewer the little characters using your kebab stick (contrlolled by clicking and holding your mouse). Once you have three or more of the same next to each other on the stick, they disappear. You have to keep going for as long as you can without overloading your stick.

Sounds rubbish, but is fiendishly addictive.

Play Kebab Tetris here.

Friday Fun – Bejeweled December 14, 2007

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bejewelled.jpgIt’s Friday, it’s nearly Christmas, some of you may even be going on your work’s night out later, I know we are (w00t!).

What you need is a nice little game to calm you down during your tea break.

So, have a go at Bejeweled, the classic game where you have to re-arrange the jewels to score points. Move them around to form rows of three or more to get points and clear the board. Simple, classic and not too taxing.

Play Bejeweled here.

Christmas Fun – Cooking Your Turkey December 13, 2007

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I has a flavour.Nom Nom! It’s nearly time for the slap up feed that is Christmas Dinner.

So, as a public service and an excuse to talk about Christmas again, here’s a handy link to the BBC’s guide to safely defrosting and cooking the big bird.

I’m sure we’ve all cooked one plenty of times before, but there’s no harm in taking a quick refresher in the run up to the big day. Better that than ‘turkey tummy’ on Boxing Day!

Christmas Fun – Chat Noir December 12, 2007

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Chat Noir screen grabA busy day on the blog yesterday meant we didn’t have time to post any festive frippery.

So, here’s the first of some posts to hopefully get you into the Christmas spirit. I mean, it’s less than a fortnight away now!

This is a nice little game called Chat Noir. Must be German or something.

Anyway, the aim is to try and stop the cat from exiting the board of dots by blocking his path. Click on a dot to make it impassible. Then the cat will try and find an alternative exit. And judging by the games we’ve played, succeed every time.

Play Chat Noir here.

Friday Fun: Anika’s Odyssey November 23, 2007

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Anika’s OdysseyHere’s a nice little point and click puzzle to pass some time on your designated break today.

In Anika’s Odyssey  you have to help a little girl recover her toy bunny that’s been stolen by an evil eagle. Click on the different elements in the landscape to guide her through the various obstacle. Some things have to be done in a certain order, so make sure you have a good old explore.

Takes a while to load, but is good fun.