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Learn To Do Anything With Monkeysee October 28, 2008

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Need to learn some new skills? Want to get advice from the experts? Want it for free?

Of course you do. That’s where the video tutorial website Monkeysee comes in. On it you can watch videos from experts in a range of disciplines. They give you the low-down on topics like public speaking, negotiating salaries, managing budgets and writing that killer CV.

But there’s also a whole lot more. How to care for a pet snake, for instance. Or how to survive a zombie attack (shoot them in the head, basically). Or how to make macaroni cheese. You name it, it’s probably on there.

All the vids are short and easy to follow and can be watched in your browser.

Become a right know-it-all here.

Learn To Do Just About Anything Online July 18, 2008

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It’s time for another post on how great the world wide web is. We’ve recently looked at how social networks can benefit business and a list of 80 sites to hack your life. So today, it’s a look at the sites where you can go to learn to do, well, just about anything.

Over on the Dumb Little Man blog, they’ve posted a list of 15 sites that can teach you to anything from learning to build your own website to looking after a sick cat. Some of them you may have heard of, some you won’t, and some may be a surprise.

The full list of 15 sites can be seen here, but it includes:

  • YouTube – yep, it’s not all dancing stormtroopers. Need to learn how to tune a guitar, build a blog or bake a nice cake? Chances are someone’s posted an instructional vid on YouTube.
  • How Stuff Works – with sections covering cars, pets, computers, business, food, money and more, find out how things tick here.
  • wikiHow – user generated content on a host of topics
  • Wired’s How To Wiki – Wired is the techy’s mag of choice, and its how to site covers technical matters such as gadgets, technology and computers. Geek out here.
  • W3Schools – become a web developer by using these free tutorials from the people who help set web standards
  • VideoJug – probably the largest and most comprehensive online video tutorial site, covering a mind-bogglingly broad selection of subjects.

Read the full list on Dumb Little Man here.