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Jenny’s Jog Blog Part III August 12, 2008

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Liverpool Chamber 5K Team Challenge- arriba, arriba!

Continuing the tale of Chamber Head of Client Services Jenny Stewart and her training for the 5K Team Challenge…

The holiday season arrived and if I thought of taking a few days off training then I had another thing coming.  I gamely packed my running shoes, track pants and a vest, knowing that it would be much too hot to run, even in the late evening. I also knew having been there before that it was a hilly terrain and just taking one look at the size of the hills would put anyone off walking never mind running. So two weeks by the pool it was to be!

To my surprise though, RoKo made sure I was up at the crack of dawn every morning so that we could run in the cool air! We’d creep out of the gate so we wouldn’t wake the other residents. How come metal gates always creek? And off we’d go down the road over the speed bumps which weren’t really required to slow me down and on towards Puerto Banus. It was a full 5k to the harbour, so I knew that unless we drove down in the evening I would never see the Ferrari’s and  lambo’s in all their glory.

With each morning’s run came a new achievement. The downside to it though was the fact that we had to walk back from wherever we reached. Our target was Puerto Banus harbour, so we did not ever consider a circular route so the total distance covered would actually be 10k. I always remembered to to tuck a 20 euro note into my sports bra so that we could get a taxi back if necessary!

There is always an upside too, as on the way back we were able to stop at the bread shop to buy freshly baked bread for breakfast. Mind you, it took a deft hand to rescue the very damp 20 euro note required to pay for it!

Running is a great stimulant for the appetite, and it increases your desire to eat healthily. I’ve always been a great junk food eater, but now without realising, I’ve ditched much of the chocolate and substituted it for healthy snacks. If you want my recipe for fat free and sugar free breakfast loaf, just send me an email!

Puerto Banus Harbour

Puerto Banus Harbour

By the third day, Roko and I were reaching the coveted Puerto Banus harbour, 5k from our apartment.  The speed wasn’t great but hey we’d nailed the distance! I even had just about enough breath to take in the wonderful views and look longingly at the lambo!

The problem with being a running bore is that you never know to whom you are extolling the virtues. Here’s me telling a commonwealth games silver medal winner how she really should take up running as it helps you get fit, lose weight, eat more healthily and gives you an excess of the happy hormone serotonin. How embarrassing!

So about 8 weeks into my training programme I’m running about 5k, five times a week. I never thought the couch potato would make it.  Now its time to improve the my time. Don’t want to come in last………

If I’ve inspired you to enter a team just download your application forms from www.runliverpool.org.uk. If you feel you can help us sponsor the race just send me an email jenny.stewart@liverpoolchamber.org.uk

Get Your Running Shoes On! June 3, 2008

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It’s the Liverpool Chamber 5kTeam Challenge!

Not so long ago the Liverpool Corporate Cup was the flagship event in the road racing calendar. It had a great city centre course and was attracting more that 3,000 entries from runners both in and out of the city.

Due to development work in the city it had to relocate to Croxteth Park in 2005 and since then numbers have declined due in part to the out of town location.

Liverpool Chamber and L13 10K are currently in negotiation to bring the Liverpool Corporate Cup back to the city as the Liverpool Chamber of Commerce 5k Team Challenge.

Comprising four team members from businesses in the city and the wider Merseyside area, we hope the race will take place on Sunday 21 September 2008. We feel it’s a great opportunity to promote the city in its European Capital of Culture year, and give both chamber members and other businesses a chance to endorse health and fitness within their organisations.

Alan Rothwell of Run Liverpool said: “We think we’ve got a city centre location, starting and finishing within sight of the three graces. We’re hoping for 3000 runners, and we’d love you to help. Apart from your businesses team entry, we also have some fantastic sponsorship opportunities. Would you like to have 3000 runners wearing your t-shirts? Can you provide the goody bags or winners medals? Or perhaps donate the water or fruit on the day? We’ll give you great publicity leading up to the event and of course on the day.

Please note, each team should have at least one female member.”

If you can help, email Jenny.stewart@liverpoolchamber.org.u

You can enter your teams now at www.runliverpool.org.uk