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Common Sense Over Car Parking? March 5, 2009

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parked_carsLiverpool Chamber welcomes the City Council’s decision to suspend the implementation of extended car parking charges for the city centre, pending an inquiry.

The idea is simply madness and will do nothing but harm to the evening and night time economies of Liverpool city centre. We have opposed the proposal from the start, and encourage all our members and readers to do the same.

The decision has still to be finalised, so it’s important to keep up the pressure.

You can do this by:

And if anyone from the City Council would like us to take part in the inquiry, just email Jack Stopforth, our chief exec, to let us know where and when.

Read more about this and the campaign to stop it on Liverpool Confidential.

BCC Highlights Growing Opposition To Workplace Parking Tax March 4, 2009

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PARKING_METER With the Government’s consultation into a controversial Workplace Parking Levy coming to an end tomorrow (Thursday), the British Chambers of Commerce (BCC) has written to the Transport Secretary outlining the business group’s serious objections to the scheme.

The organisation has previously highlighted the potential £3.4 billion cost to business should all Councils covered by the consultation adopt the scheme copying Nottingham City Council’s blueprint.

In the letter, David Frost, Director General of the BCC, disputes the congestion-busting aims of the WPL and refers to the significant public support for the BCC’s online petition against the WPL.

Already, nearly 6,000 people have signed the petition running on the BCC’s website.

Mr Frost’s letter calls on the Transport Secretary, Geoff Hoon, to reject Nottingham City Council’s bid to roll out the WPL in 2010 and to scrap the WPL scheme altogether.

The BCC’s online petition can be found at:


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Tell The Council What You Think Of Extended Parking Charges February 13, 2009

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It could be you!

It could be you!

As you probably know, Liverpool City Council thinks it’s a good idea to extend city centre parking charges from 6pm to 8pm.

This is a ridiculous and short-sighted decision that will harm the night-time economy by far more than it brings in in charges.

Our friends at Liverpool Confidential agree. They have set up an easy to use form that lets you email every council member who thinks this is a good idea at once.

Fill in the form on the Liverpool Confidential website here.

You can also register your views by:

Remember, our elected representatives have a duty to listen to our views. Make sure yours is heard.

Say NO To Extended City Centre Parking Charges February 6, 2009

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parking_meterAs you may know, Liverpool City Council has plans to increase the times car parking fees are levied in the city centre from 6pm until 8pm (previously mentioned on this blog here).

This obviously a ‘Bad Thing’.

It can only have a negative affect on the city’s evening and night time economy, its workers, shops and residents. Money that could have been spent in a restaurant, cinema or bar will now have to go into a parking meter. That’s if people haven’t been put off making the journey in the first place.

So what can you do? Well, you can:

Take action now and help us ensure that Liverpool continues to be a city of growth, not stagnation. Otherwise, all of last year’s hulaballoo will have been for nothing, won’t it?

Tax On Parking Could Cost Business £3.4 Billion February 6, 2009

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parked_carsBusinesses across England could face an eye-watering £3.4 billion bill for simply using their own car parking spaces.

This monumental cost could become a reality if councils decide to apply for the controversial Workplace Parking Levy (WPL).

Nottingham City Council has already applied to slap businesses with the stealth tax and a final decision from the Secretary of State for Transport, Geoff Hoon, is imminent.

More worryingly, a Department for Transport consultation into the WPL heightens the risk of the scheme’s national roll out as it helps councils across England to apply for take up of the scheme.

The WPL will require all businesses to register workplace parking spaces, which will prove burdensome enough. However, businesses with ten spaces or more, will also suffer a financial strain because each parking space will have to be paid for. The levy will start at £185 in 2010, but will rise to £350 by 2014 (using the blueprint from Nottingham).

The British Chambers of Commerce (BCC) has calculated that if every eligible council covered by the consultation adopted the WPL, then businesses will be left with huge costs amounting to £3.4 billion.

The BCC is calling for the Secretary of State to reject Nottingham City Council’s application and to abolish the blueprint for this stealth tax nationally.

With the economy now in recession and firms struggling with cash-flow, the tax will be detrimental for companies, towns and local economies.


City Council Car Parking – Proposed Extension Of Hours To 8pm January 29, 2009

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It could be you!

It could be you!

Liverpool Chamber of Commerce CEO Jack Stopforth today condemned Liverpool City Council’s plans to increase the period for car parking in the city centre from 6pm to 8pm.

He said: “To be even thinking of this on the very day that we have had a major employer, Shop Direct, announce 900 redundancies is deplorable. This Council talks a lot about being business friendly and listening to the voice of business but I know of no consultation with the Chamber of Commerce or anybody else having taken place.

“The investments made by the private sector in the city’s retail, leisure and hotels has been absolutely enormous and all of them will suffer as a consequence of this planned extension, not to mention shoppers, visitors, city centre workers and residents.

“I know that the City has to balance its books but in the teeth of a recession it has an obligation to support businesses and encourage further investment and employment. These proposals will have the opposite effect and will be welcomed by the city’s competitors. Sunday charging and extended evening charges are driving visitors away and jeopardising the progress we all made in 2008.”

What do you think? Do you think, like us, that this can only harm the city centre’s night time economy? Or will it help raise important funds for the council’s coffers in parking fees and tickets?

Let us know in the comments below or take our quick poll: