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Trade Waste & Cyber Crime Event October 30, 2008

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The BT Convention Centre hosted a dual event to keep Merseyside businesses up to date on the pressing issues of the environment and cyber crime.

The event, hosted by Liverpool Chamber of Commerce’s Business Crime Direct team, provided an exhibition showcasing environmental and trade waste companies and cyber crime and online fraud protection businesses.

The event saw guest speakers and panellists address the crowd on a wide range of environmental, trade waste and IT issues. Keynote speakers joined in highlighting the importance to businesses of tackling the green agenda before new legislation catches them out.

The day also highlighted how businesses could save money by being green. Frazer Kearney of the NWDA explained how turning off one light bulb would not only save the energy of that bulb, but would save twice the amount of energy again needed to send the power from the power plant to your office.

Companies were also told of how they could save money through reducing their materials usage, re-using and recycling, as it is often more cost effective than simply disposing of spent materials while the exhibition was able to link companies providing these services to potential clients.

The afternoon session focused on measures businesses can take to prevent themselves becoming victims of online fraud. Steve Jackson, Chair of the North West Fraud Forum opened the afternoon’s presentations by outlining the massive cost of online fraud, which is conservatively estimated as costing the country £14 billion a year, although some believe the total cost could be more than £70 billion.

For more information and advice on tackling online fraud and other IT issues, visit www.businesscrimedirect.org.uk, www.getsafeonline.org or www.northwestfraudforum.co.uk.

Keep Your IT System Free Of Wreckers And Fraudsters October 21, 2008

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Business Crime Direct at Liverpool Chamber is taking a lead in the fight against cyber crime.

The organisation is holding a conference and exhibition to raise business awareness of cyber crime and demonstrate how to manage the risks.

The conference and lunch is free of charge and Liverpool companies are being invited to attend to find out how to best safeguard their business. The event is being held at the BT Convention Centre from 2:00pm on Wednesday 29th October.

Detective Sergeant Geoff Conway from Merseyside Police’s High Tech Crime Unit will talk on IT security. Eminent national figures Mike Wyeth, Littlewoods Shop Direct national head of security and Merseyside head of Crime Stoppers, and D.I. Roy West from the City of London Police, will reveal how they have become partners and developed new tactics to tackle organised “boiler room” gangs.

The speakers, who all have extensive police experience at a national level, will cover all aspects of internet crime, from basic information on the activities of petty e-criminals, to in-depth information on how to catch out sophisticated e-fraudsters.

D.I Roy West, who heads up London’s cheque and credit card crime unit and will give a presentation featuring dramatic slides of Internet fraudsters taking possession of goods in “controlled delivery” operations. Gangs, many from West Africa are said run a call centre type operation, with fraudsters seated in rows in front of banks of computers, working away with e-mail addresses and bank details provided by supervisors.

Side by side with the conference, local firms providing solutions to IT crime will exhibit their products and explain them, and the costs, to interested businesses.

Business Crime Direct has been helping Merseyside businesses keep ahead of conventional robbers, thieves and burglars for eight years now. But increasingly they have found businesses worried about a different kind of menace.

The battle to keep IT systems from collapsing under the weight of spam, viruses and phishing attempts is of paramount importance to all businesses.

Peter Jones, Manager of BCD explained, “I remember going to visit a small shop selling expensive food supplements for body builders. The owner told me that selling over the Internet gave him a massive opportunity to expand. But he was repeatedly coming up against determined criminals using stolen credit cards or cards obtained in false identities.”

“This event will galvanise the Merseyside business community and make companies aware of the potential risks that internet crime presents to their business.”

To reserve a place, please contact Sue or Melissa on 0151 227 1234 or email events@liverpoolchamber.org.uk.

Improve Your Website’s Return on Investment June 13, 2008

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Backbone IT Group is offering a complimentary search marketing consultation in exchange for help with a research survey they are carrying out with Lancaster University’s Knowledge Business Centre.

The short online survey, which takes just 2 minutes to complete, is measuring awareness and attitudes towards a new field of online marketing.

All Chamber members who respond to the survey are entitled to claim a free website conversion summary carried out by a consultant from the Backbone IT Group internet marketing team. This will include advice on how they might increase the number of sales and enquiries the website generates.

Backbone IT Group is a leading provider of search engine optimisation, internet marketing and software development services with offices in the UK, US and China.

The data from the survey will be completely anonymous and form part of an industry study; the results of which will be published on the Backbone IT Group website and in industry forums.

Take the survey and claim your website analysis now.

Free MERIT Event – An Introduction to CRM June 10, 2008

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An Introduction to CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

Wednesday 25th June 2008

Delivering a customer service experience which differentiates you from the competition is a goal which many organisations have but which few deliver. Business leaders who understand how to combine the power of systems and the potential of engaged people can make it happen.

At MERIT‘s next FREE event Roy Casella from Designated Associates will discuss how to develop a service framework supported by affordable IT which allows businesses of all sizes to provide world class customer service. You will learn how to better manage your customer base and identify and target your next customers, increasing customer retention and referral.

Roy will discuss how implementing an effective Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system can help your organisation to identify your best customers, track their activity and use this information to handle customer requests more efficiently.

The event will also provide an overview of the ‘off the shelf’ CRM systems available and how they can be used to enhance your companies existing service model in order to help increase and retain your customer base.

Finally Roy will discuss how a successful CRM system can support your marketing by managing advertising and promotional campaigns, scheduling sales calls and mailings whilst tracking the prospects that they generate.

Registration 11:00 – 11:30

Presentation 11:30 – 12:30

Lunch/Networking 12:30 – 2:00

The Atelier
Burton Manor
The Village
CH64 5SJ

Get directions with Google Maps


Myths About IT That Could Sink Or Float Your Small Business April 18, 2008

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Two little fellas holding some floppy discsThe pilot slurs to you “I fly better when I’m drunk” as he passes your seat, staggering into the cockpit before take-off. You’d do something about that right?

But what if you couldn’t tell if he was drunk? The same lack of understanding threatens every small business.

“Myths About IT” is a series of articles written in plain English. They are ideal for any small business owner who is concerned about their business, but wants to know fast whether they have a problem.

The first in the series will give you exactly the information you need to tell if your business is safe from an IT disaster. Within a few minutes you will know.

More importantly, it gives you a series of questions you can ask of either your in-house IT expert, or the company who looks after your IT. If they pass the test, you can sleep at night!

Get the full article on the Multilsolutions website here

Free Business Solutions Clinic November 23, 2007

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We believe the best things in life are free…do you?

Allow us to explain, by accepting this invitation to attend a FREE technically led Business solutions clinic at Gardner Systems, Liverpool.

Want to know more?

With the breadth of the IBM portfolio, and the skills of our business partners, we believe passionately we have a solution to your Business issues. The purpose of this informal clinic is for you to bring those Business questions and issues along, and discuss them with IBM Software Architects and Specialists.

No matter how small or large the issue might be our highly skilled people will be able to advise. Focus will be on Business led issues, with fresh approaches on how to address them and possible solutions. There will be no selling, no arm twisting –   actually there will be no sales people in attendance.

  • Struggling to get on top of different regulations and legislations?
  • Suffering from escalating help desk calls due to password resets?
  • Want to improve employee productivity, by providing faster access to applications and information?
  • Losing business due to the slow response time on your website?
  • Having difficulties managing composite applications?
  • Want to improve team collaboration on projects and documents?
  • Failing to manage your ever expanding data and derive business insight from it?
  • Finding it difficult to maintain your online presence and make changes as the business demands?
  • Need help?

This is just an example of topics you may wish to discuss in the clinic. Do not feel constrained by the list. Whatever is causing you sleepless nights or is on your mind we would be happy to help with (for as long as it has to do with IT and software in particular). In the unlikely event we are unable to help we will know the person who can.

Anyone is invited to attend: IBM and non IBM customers

We are here to help and will be available between 9am-6pm.

Just tell us the time you are likely to arrive.

Thursday 13th December 2007

Gardner Systems
1 Faraday Road
Wavertree Technology Park
L13 1EH

To book you attendance email marketing@gardenersystems.co.uk