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How To Persuade Others With Subconscious Techniques September 29, 2008

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Who could refuse?

Who could refuse?

Whether you work in sales, have a pitch to present, do a lot of networking or simply plan on taking over the world, check out this list of persuasiveness tips.

Put together by the Wikihow website, these 11 tips will help you get people on your side and help you succeeed.

The tips covered include:

  • Framing your ideas in speech
  • Mirroring people’s body language
  • Initiating or reciprocating favours
  • Understanding herd behaviour
  • Having your picture taken with a dog (no,  really, something about appearing trustworth and loyal…)

So, take that first step to getting that job / promotion / contract / country named after you by reading the full list here.

Alternatively, tell us how you get what you want in the comments.

Learn To Do Just About Anything Online July 18, 2008

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It’s time for another post on how great the world wide web is. We’ve recently looked at how social networks can benefit business and a list of 80 sites to hack your life. So today, it’s a look at the sites where you can go to learn to do, well, just about anything.

Over on the Dumb Little Man blog, they’ve posted a list of 15 sites that can teach you to anything from learning to build your own website to looking after a sick cat. Some of them you may have heard of, some you won’t, and some may be a surprise.

The full list of 15 sites can be seen here, but it includes:

  • YouTube – yep, it’s not all dancing stormtroopers. Need to learn how to tune a guitar, build a blog or bake a nice cake? Chances are someone’s posted an instructional vid on YouTube.
  • How Stuff Works – with sections covering cars, pets, computers, business, food, money and more, find out how things tick here.
  • wikiHow – user generated content on a host of topics
  • Wired’s How To Wiki – Wired is the techy’s mag of choice, and its how to site covers technical matters such as gadgets, technology and computers. Geek out here.
  • W3Schools – become a web developer by using these free tutorials from the people who help set web standards
  • VideoJug – probably the largest and most comprehensive online video tutorial site, covering a mind-bogglingly broad selection of subjects.

Read the full list on Dumb Little Man here.

Eighty How-To Websites To Hack Your Life July 9, 2008

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We love the internet here at Liverpool Chamber. You can learn to do just about anything at the click of a mouse. So this post over at the Lifehack website really floated our boat.

Eighty How-To Sites Worth Bookmarking does exactly what it says on the tin. It lists 80 great sites that provide tips and tricks on how to improve just about every part of your life:

  • Business – tips on becoming more productive, working as a freelancer, creating business plans and more
  • Technology – how to make sure you have the best hardware and software available, and how to get the most out of what you’ve got
  • Home hacks – from DIY to installing home theatre equipment, tips on making your home a better place
  • Cookery – we all eat, so why not have some fun doing it?
  • Crafts – want to lean something creative to do in your downtime? Lots of sites here
  • Money – how to save it, manage it and spend less of it

Not all of these sites will be for you, and some are US-focussed. But with 80 to choose from you’re bound to find something you like!

Read the full article on Lifehack here.