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Tidy-Up Friday July 4, 2008

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Cable Tidy CardHere’s a few quick posts with some great tools and tips to protect and tidy your computer and your desk. A most satisfying way to spend a Friday afternoon…

Top Five Windows Maintenance Tools – Includes free applications to dump unwanted files and programmes as well as fast defraggers to keep your PC ticking over nicely.

Top Five Antivirus Applications –  A cool list of tools to help keep your machine safe and virus free. We may have linked to this before, but it’s such a vital job we thought we’d highlight it again.

Make a cable tidy from an old loyalty card – A nice Blue Peter-esque project that both declutters your purse / wallet AND tidies up those Medusa-like cables trailing down the back of your desk.

All links taken from or found on the Lifehacker site.

Friday Fun – Kebab Tetris January 11, 2008

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kebab.jpgSo the holidays are definitely over – we’ve all had our first full week back in work. Deep joy!

So, here’s a little game to pass the time on your designated break and brighten your Friday.

I’m not sure what it’s really called, as the site’s not in English, but let’s call it Kebab Tetris for now.

Your first test is to get the game going, as the instructions are in a foreign tongue. I’m not going to tell you how to do that, but it’s an easy challenge.

Once you’re in, you have to skewer the little characters using your kebab stick (contrlolled by clicking and holding your mouse). Once you have three or more of the same next to each other on the stick, they disappear. You have to keep going for as long as you can without overloading your stick.

Sounds rubbish, but is fiendishly addictive.

Play Kebab Tetris here.

Friday Fun: Anika’s Odyssey November 23, 2007

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Anika’s OdysseyHere’s a nice little point and click puzzle to pass some time on your designated break today.

In Anika’s Odyssey  you have to help a little girl recover her toy bunny that’s been stolen by an evil eagle. Click on the different elements in the landscape to guide her through the various obstacle. Some things have to be done in a certain order, so make sure you have a good old explore.

Takes a while to load, but is good fun.

Friday Fun: Blockout November 16, 2007

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Blockout screen capNo Friday Fun for a couple of weeks. Hope you’ve all managed to entertain yourselves in its absence – playing with matches and running with scissors etc.

So – here’s this week’s little game to keep you out of trouble: Blockout.

Use your arrow buttons to guide the slippy little brown jobby around the tubes to its eventual ocean-blue home. Manage that and you’ll be flushed with success.

The usual ‘starts easy / gets hard’ rules apply.

Play Blockout here.