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Beat The Credit Crunch Pt VI – Become A Productive Leader October 30, 2008

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In the penultimate part of our series on how to beat the credit crunch, we look at how you can change the way you work to become a more effective leader. The series is put together by our good friends Freedom Coaching, who are more than happy to hear from you if you’d like more info.

Step 6

Become an effective and productive leader. Here are some suggestions to help you manage your time more effectively and become more productive.

1. Switch off your Outlook visual and audio email alert.

2. Read and deal with emails once or twice a day

3. If you can, set up your out of office assistant with a message that says:

“Thanks for your e-mail, I will read and deal with emails after 5pm, if your message is urgent please call me on

xxx xxx xxxx. Thanks”.