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Don’t Leave It Too Late On Energy Contract Renewals August 26, 2008

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With spiralling energy costs, most businesses would be wise to shop around for the best deal ready for autumn contract renewals. But some could find themselves trapped by uncompetitive contracts, warns Chamber Utilities

“Companies who are facing autumn renewals for their gas or electricity need to act immediately, advises Gary Collins of Utility Auditing, which delivers the Chamber Utilities™ service. “Suppliers require between 30 to 90 days’ customer termination notice to switch contract. Many businesses don’t realise this and are leaving it too late to find a more competitive alternative. Energy prices have increased by more than 100% over the past year alone and are still on the rise. There is a clear financial imperative to test the market in an attempt to mitigate cost increases.”

He added: “Some businesses are panicked by the prospect of terminating their contract in the belief that their supply will be prematurely cut off. We would advise them to serve notice while they consider their options, even if the best deal at the end of the day is to re-contract with their existing supplier. At least this gives them the time to test the market without fear of being locked into an uncompetitive contract”.

Utility Auditing, part of ENER-G Plc, purchases millions of pounds worth of gas and electricity annually on behalf of thousands of businesses. Chamber members are eligible for a free energy assessment to identify the most cost effective solutions for energy and gas, and guide them on the right tariffs and supply capacity to suit their needs.

While contract negotiations are a key element in the fight against spiralling energy costs, carbon reduction activities are crucial in bringing energy spend down further. As a Carbon Trust approved consultancy, Utility Auditing offers funded support to help qualifying businesses maximise energy efficiency.

For further information contact Chamber Utilities™ on Tel: 0845 120 2423, www.chamberutilities.co.uk

How To Cope With Energy Highs June 4, 2008

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Energy markets are again in turmoil with record highs being posted on gas and electricity base load prices. Wholesale gas prices have risen by approximately 110% since February 2007 and electricity prices have risen by around 135% over this time.

“The markets are being driven by high coal and oil prices along with the economic growth experienced in China and India who are purchasing as much base fuel as possible,” explained Jeff Wealands, Technical Director for Utility Auditing, which supplies the Chamber Utilities™ service.

He added: “Reduced gas flows into the UK along with ‘outages’ at power plants over the winter have exacerbated matters – driving prices ever upwards. Where will it end? Markets are also affected by global political and natural events. One thing is for sure – price stability in wholesale energy markets is a thing of the past and locking into long term fixed contracts is looking increasingly attractive.”

As well as negotiating the best price on gas and electricity, with impending legislation to reduce carbon and consumption, it is more essential than ever before for organisations to improve their efficiency. Most organisations can cut consumption by up to 20%, which can help mitigate rising costs.

For help and advice on cutting costs and improving energy efficiency contact Chamber Utilities™. Get in touch today to see how you can profit both your business and the environment.

Contact Chamber Utilities™ 0845 120 2423, www.chamberutilities.co.uk