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Sponsor Our E-newsletter October 6, 2008

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Every week, Liverpool Chamber sends an e-newsletter to nearly 6,000 recipients. It covers our news, top tips and what’s happening in the wider business community.

As part of this, we offer both members and non-members the opportunity to sponsor the newsletter. It’s a great way to get your message accross to your target audience.

Sponsors’ placements take two forms. There is the top text-based story, which can click through to either an article on this blog or to a website of your choice. Prices for this article for one weekare:

  • Members – £150
  • Non-members – £350
  • Charity members – £100
  • Prices for multi-week campaigns negotiable

We also have a graphic image at the very top of the newsletter. This can display an advertisement of your choice. Again, this is then linked either to an article on this blog, or to a website of your choice. Prices for the graphic ad for one week are:

  • Members – £100
  • Non-members – £300
  • Charity members – £50
  • Prices for multi-week campaigns negotiable

Sample newsletter ad - 220 x 125 pxls

We ask that adverts are supplied as a jpeg file, 220w x 125h pixels in size. Alternatively, we can create an ad for you at an additional cost of £10.

We would also require any other copy / images for inclusion on our blog, or the URL of your desired target page.

We also send out a bi-weekly events newsletter, which can also be sponsored, at the same rates, if you have an event to publicise.

If you are interested in sponsoring our newsletter, please email Nick Jones to find out more.

Sign up for our newsletter here.

Ubiquity – A New Extension For FireFox 3 Users August 28, 2008

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Ubiquity creating an email including selected content

Ubiquity creating an email including selected content

For those of you who have made the switch to superior web browser Firefox, and are using its most up to date version, a new super-duper extension has been released full of innovative ideas.

Ubiquity is an add-on that could make using the web much, much easier. Once installed, Ubiquity lets you:

  • select copy and images from a web page and pop them in a new email (if using GMail) straight from that web page
  • find and insert maps into emails, rather than sending just a link
  • translate foreign text directly in the page you are looking at
  • edit a web page’s content
  • delete HTML elements from a page
  • search a plethora of seach engines and Wikipedia for highlighted text from a web page
  • tons more stuff we haven’t discovered yet.

It’s still in Alpha release, so expect bugs, but after playing around with it we can report it’s well worth investigating and has great potential.

Learn more and intsall Ubiquity here.

Read the user tutorial to see some of what it can do.

If you give it a whirl, why not let us know what you think in our comments?

Email – An Apology July 29, 2008

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On Friday, the Chamber’s Chinalink team sent out and invitation to a luncheon event. This message was subsequently duplicated to everyone on the mail list. Liverpool Chamber of Commerce would like to apologise sincerely for the inconvenience that this email has caused to all recipients

An error in the dispatch of the email has caused it to be sent on multiple occasions to all members. This was an honest mistake by a young member of the Chamber’s staff and we are working hard to mitigate the consequences for Members. This has never happened before and our ICT team have already put preventative measures in place to avoid any possible future recurrence.

It seems that the reason for this problem is a Microsoft SBS Server issue. This occurs when an SBS Server has been implemented in a company and the required patches have not been installed. The result is that if emails are sent in the TO field and an address within this list is incorrect, the offending server will continue to send to all in the list.

After examining a number of the messages in question, it is clear that although the Liverpool Chamber’s mail server sent the original email, it was then propagated and re-sent to all members by the offending SBS mail server(s) and that, sadly, is beyond our control. It was a regrettable mistake by the member of staff in question to send any mail in the TO field and this is being dealt with internally, but it is worth noting that while we started this sorry affair, Liverpool Chamber’s mail server was not responsible for the problems that have occurred.

We are now actively involved with external companies whose servers have the outlined problem and are working with them to solve the problem, in the meantime if everyone could be patient and please not reply to the offending emails as this adds to the problem of people’s mail boxes getting full. If you require further information or assistance please feel free to call our switch board (0151 227 1234) and ask to be put through to the IT department.


Jack Stopforth

Chief Executive, Liverpool Chamber of Commerce

Follow The Two Minute Rule To Stay On Top July 23, 2008

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The Technotheory blog has an interesting post on using a simple rule to stay on top of tasks and emails: if you can do it two minutes or less, do it straight away.

“When you read your new email do you read all the messages once and then go back through them?  I do it, too, sometimes—but it’s the death of getting things done.  So here’s a reminder…

It’s totally cool to cherry pick which messages to deal with first based on the sender or subject, leaving the others unread.  But once you’ve started working with a message, deal with it now.

By dealing with it, I mean get it out of your inbox.  Maybe you should delegate it to someone.  Maybe you should respond with your calendar availability.  Maybe you should schedule a task to deal with it later.  But deal with it and archive it…so that it’s out of your inbox never to be stared at five more times.”

Read the rest of the post here. It’ll take less than two minutes to read, honest.

Agree? Disagree? Take two shakes of a tiger’s tale to let us know in the comments…