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La Princess Is Here! September 3, 2008

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Quick! Get a rolled up newspaper!

Quick! Get a rolled up newspaper!

So she’s arrived!

Crouching on the side of Concourse Tower is Liverpool’s latest resident, La Princess. She’s been created by La Machine to creep her way through the city over the coming weekend. We’ll be rushing up there later to gawk at her like slack-jawed yokels.

If you haven’t guessed what she is yet, where have you been? She’s been outed on Facebook, Flickr, Popbitch and, um,  here, and people in the street have been overheard discussing her.  Let’s just say if you need another hint, Orwell’s famous maxim from ‘Animal Farm’ didn’t go far enough…


That pic was lifted from the Facebook group. More pics over there.

The BBC has a detailed route and itinerary for La Princess here.