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Get £65,000 Legal Expenses Cover With Chamber Legal May 12, 2009

Posted by liverpoolchamber in Business.

golden_penAs a Chamber member, you are automatically eligible for up to £65,000 worth of legal expenses through Chamber Legal, an exclusive service provided by Composite Legal.

As a business, you may have to deal with redundancies, contractual disputes, debt recovery or court proceedings. These expenses can be prohibitive. They could also spell ruin to smaller companies.

That’s why making sure you take full advantage of your Chamber membership is a must.

If you are a member and need to make use of this service, just give our membership team a call on 0151 227 1234.

Take a look at these recent case studies to see how others have made the most of their membership.

Debt Recovery (Enhanced Cover)
Our Panel Solicitors recently helped a company recoup more than £30,000 from several outstanding invoices after they called the Composite helpline. The opponent had denied owing the monies, claiming the invoices had been incorrectly calculated and that the contract provided for different prices.

After some investigation into the case and negotiations with the opponent, payment in full was received by the client without the need for Court Proceedings.

Criminal Proceeding Defence
Our panel solicitors recently represented our client, a commercial vehicle recovery operator, who was prosecuted for overloading his vehicle. The problem occurred when the operator was called to tow away a broken down HGV on the busy M60. The
vehicle was causing an obvious obstruction and was a potential danger to other road users on the motorway, so the driver acted immediately to remove it.

This meant his combined train weight was over the legal limit. He committed an offence because he did not get prior permission from the Police under the ‘abnormal loads’ regulations, but with help from his legal expenses policy, our panel solicitors pointed out the extenuating circumstances which enabled the operator to avoid a conviction or

Business Motoring
A policyholder who called the Helpline was facing a prosecution for failing to stop and report an accident, after a rented van he was driving clipped the wing mirror of another vehicle. The driver was on his way to a trade fair to sell goods and it was alleged he merely drove off.

The driver was prosecuted for driving without due care and attention, and failing to stop and report an accident. He could have faced a prison term, a driving ban and penalty points on his licence. However, our appointed legal team were able to
provide evidence from the rental company about the construction of the van, which proved the client could not have been aware of the collision. The cab in which the driver was sat was an entirely different structure to the ‘box’ on the back so he
was unaware the side of his vehicle had clipped the wing mirror of the other vehicle. He could not have felt any vibrations or heard the collision. With the proper legal representation, the driver won his case and had all his costs paid.

Goods or Services Contract Dispute
(Enhanced Cover)
Our panel lawyers acted for a business in dispute with their electricity supplier about the level of tariff they were being charged. The client had refused to pay his bill. The electricity supplier issued a summons in the Magistrates Court to ask for an order to disconnect the clients electricity supply, which could have put him out of business.

After a call to our Helpline, we instructed a firm of solicitors to act for the business owner and represented him in Court. We were able to stop the Court making an order there and then and negotiated with the electricity supplier on the client’s behalf, reaching an acceptable compromise that meant his supply was never cut

If you are a member and need to make use of this service, just give our membership team a call on 0151 227 1234.


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