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Seven Steps To Sales Success April 8, 2009

Posted by liverpoolchamber in Top Tips.

snowboardOur good friends at Paver Smith have put together this handy guide to help you win new and repeat business…

Seven Steps to Sales Success by Richard Lynch, Account Director at Paver Smith

– win new business…fast!

So you’re looking to generate some quick sales? Well there are loads of things you can do, but here are seven of my favourites.

1. Contact your existing customers – today!

How would you feel if the next call you took was a big order from an existing customer? Pretty good eh? Now imagine if they were about to place an order, but not with you! Now how do you feel?

Before you do anything else today, pick up the phone or send an email to your best customers. Ask how they are what they’re up to. Thank them for the business they’ve placed with you. Ask them if they need any more help and find out if they’ve got anything coming up soon you can quote on. Invite them out for lunch, whatever. Remember, your best customers think you’re great. They’ve bought from you in the past. They love your service, prices and the way you look after them. Don’t let a competitor steal them from you. Contact your customers today….you may be pleasantly surprised.

2. Remind yourself why you’re special

You’re in business because you’re good at what you do. Remind yourself why you’re so special and how you help your customers. Now remind your customers how they benefit from your services.

People buy from you for this reason alone so make ALL your marketing communications stress exactly why you’re good and how much your customers benefit by using you.

3. Get more referrals

Let’s face it most of your business probably comes by way of word-of-mouth. According to some experts, an estimated 98% of businesses rely on referrals for new business and yet only 3% have a strategy for generating new referrals! If you don’t have a referral strategy for you business, get one.

4. Join a networking club

One great way to generate a steady source of referrals is to join a proactive networking club in your area. My own favourite is the Business Network International (BNI). The BNI is a ‘hard’ networking organisation which works very well if you ‘stick to the rules’.

If you prefer a less formal approach, join your local Chamber of Commerce or visit events run by your industry’s local association. Great business deals start with conversations. If you’re not out there talking, you’ll certainly miss out.

5. Create irresistible offers

One sure fire way to get interested prospects to buy from you is to offer an irresistible special offer.

Basically, you want to give people an extra reason for experiencing your product or service. If you offer a price discount or special offer, make sure it’s time restricted and genuinely attractive, then watch your sales grow.

6. Guarantee – Risk Free Trial

If you offer an excellent service and you’ve a list of happy customers, why wouldn’t you offer a guarantee? There are loads of different strategies to use: 45 Day Free Trial, Money Back Guarantee, Free Introductory Offer. The guarantee is a fantastic way to build confidence and trust with your potential customers. Take the risk out of the purchase and watch your sales rocket!

7. Tidy up your image

And finally take a good look in the mirror. Do you look the part? Do your marketing materials measure up? What about your office, shop, show room or company vehicles? Do they send out the right message? A poor business image will cost you dearly and drive sales into the hands of your competitors. If you think your image is letting you down, change it.


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