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Did Your Parents Move To The UK? April 7, 2009

Posted by liverpoolchamber in International, Media.

shanghaiboingboing TV production Ricochet are looking for participants in a new series they are making:

Does the country of your parents’ or grandparents’ birth fascinate you? Would you consider moving there for a better standard of living?

Perhaps you are attracted by potentially exciting career or business opportunities or maybe you want a different lifestyle.

We will be exploring the growing trend of "Reverse Migration" for a new documentary series.

Four 2nd or 3rd generation British families will be given the opportunity to ‘road test’ a new life in the country their parents or grandparents come from for several months, to find out about jobs, schools and housing. They might like it so much; they decide they want to stay.

If you and your family are thinking about making such a move or have always wanted to explore your cultural roots in Asia, China, Africa or the Caribbean call us on

01273 224 816 or email familyroots@ricochet.co.uk

Tel: 01273 224 816

Email: familyroots@ricochet.co.uk

Web: www.Ricochet.co.uk

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1. Gratis Guidance - April 7, 2009

What a racist writer!

No mention of the vast numbers of Irish, Italian and Eastern European 2nd and 3rd generation people living in the UK.

Why does immigrant always have to mean non white?!

One of my parents came from a more advanced country to a backward part of the UK. She spent years cursing the poor quality of the education system and apologising for bringing me up in the wrong country!

2. liverpoolchamber - April 7, 2009


Having spoken to the person who wrote this, I’m pretty sure she’s of Asian origin, so the ‘racist’ tag is a bit harsh.

Also, the article mentions regions of origin rather than actual ‘skin colour’ ethnicity.

If you feel there are issues that need to be addressed, I’d advise you to contact Ricochet and get more details on the project.

Thanks for your comments!

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