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Aiming At Earth – A Play By John Dillon March 26, 2009

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1-4 APRIL 2009: 8PM
Box Office Telephone: 0151 709 4988

“If you aim at Heaven then you get earth thrown in.
If you merely aim at Earth, you finish up with nothing.”
C S Lewis

‘Aiming at Earth’ is set in 1961 and is built around ten characters,
all of whom live in the streets off the once bustling Scotland Road
area, where John Dillon was born and where he spent his formative
years. It is not a ‘rose tinted’ nostalgic look at ‘the good old days
down Scottie’ but a reflection of the true strengths and weaknesses
that existed within that community. There is much humour to be
found in the dialogue and relationships but there is also ignorance
and innocence, tension and tragedy.

Two young mates, Tommy McShane and Vinnie Rooney, are,
perhaps, John Dillon’s eyes and ears of the time. They encounter
Mr McLennane, a character based upon a real man who was one
of the few people from the West Indies to settle in the area. The
boys articulate an acquired but innocent racism (if such a thing can
exist) towards this newcomer. Others, however, are more overt and
offensive in their bigotry. McLennane is not cowed by this and affirms
his right to equality and dignity.

WARNING: The play contains strong and racist language and
includes a scene of a sexual nature.

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