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Common Sense Over Car Parking? March 5, 2009

Posted by liverpoolchamber in Business, Policy, Travel.

parked_carsLiverpool Chamber welcomes the City Council’s decision to suspend the implementation of extended car parking charges for the city centre, pending an inquiry.

The idea is simply madness and will do nothing but harm to the evening and night time economies of Liverpool city centre. We have opposed the proposal from the start, and encourage all our members and readers to do the same.

The decision has still to be finalised, so it’s important to keep up the pressure.

You can do this by:

And if anyone from the City Council would like us to take part in the inquiry, just email Jack Stopforth, our chief exec, to let us know where and when.

Read more about this and the campaign to stop it on Liverpool Confidential.


1. Kenneth Webb - March 10, 2009

Notwithstanding the need for increased revenue, it is quite wrong to attempt to achieve this through the parking meter and fixed penalties. Whether the City Council likes it or not, many businesses rely upon the ability to park free of charge after 6pm as it enables them to return to their offices and continue working in to the night hours. Likewise, the restaurants, bars and nightclubs rely upon this not only by way of aiding the staff running these establishments, but also attracting customers. As as example, It is interesting to note just how many people decided that the Albert Dock was after all that bit too far when the overnight charge was increased. The people and city of Liverpool are very sensitive to the money in their pockets and the need in these difficult times to protect whatever money they have. The City Council must find other ways to raise revenue.

2. A crisp - March 17, 2009

Charging to park after 6.00pm will i agree have a drastic effect on inner city businesses. People will just go elsewhere to restuarants, bars, nightclubs.

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