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Travel Information Galore February 25, 2009

Posted by liverpoolchamber in Travel.

Image of White VansHere’s a whole bunch of travel information that is available to businesses on the condition of the road network.

Please feel free to use the information as you wish the RSS feeds, in particular, are free and can be posted on your websites.

Traffic England Website
: The Traffic England website   holds public facing traffic information services which provides real time information for events on the network including the Variable Message Signs (VMS).  You could provide links to this website or maps for your customers.

Traffic Highways Website:  You can custom build this information system and also take data feeds from the NTCC.  To access this you have to sign up to the Travel Information Highway (TIH) community    This shares best practice information amongst members on issues such as data feeds and provides access to the feeds themselves.  Once registered, follow the link within TIH Services to the National Traffic Control Centre Data Services page.  The NTCC Traffic Data attachment gives further information on the data available.

RSS Feeds:  Can be downloaded very simply onto your desktop, website or display screen. These list real time events occurring on the network and can be downloaded by region or motorway.  You will need an appropriate RSS reader to access these services.  Further customisation of the feeds is available through the Atlas Pro

Atlas Pro Web Service:  This is the traffic information service available to professional users and provides additional information not available via the Traffic England public website.  You need to apply for a login to use this service, details are contained in the ‘Atlas’ pdf attachment.  This service also allows you to customise the RSS feeds i.e. by county, motorway etc.  Further information on this is available through the Atlas User Guide, which can be viewed when logged onto the Atlas service.

HAIL (Highways Agency Information Line): Telephone 08457 50 40 30 or email ha_info@highways.gsi.gov.uk.  Customers can contact here for a wide variety of activity such as to find out about traffic problems, to report debris on the motorway etc.

Automated Traffic Information Line: Telephone 08700 660 115.  This service gives access to the live traffic information on a rolling basis, by road, region or date and time.

Traffic Radio:  Continuous traffic information station available via digital and online.

Transport Direct:  The website which can be used to plan the journey using other methods of transport, this also shows CO2 levels for different forms of transport.

Think Ahead Move Ahead: This publication shows HA services and also includes a road  map:

HAIP’s (Highways Agency Information Points):  These information points are located at major venues and motorway services, allowing access to traffic data via a touch screen.

Targeted Campaigns and DVD Short Films:  We have many targeted campaigns to encourage safe driving for different market segments.  These can be found at: http://www.highways.gov.uk/knowledge/11522.aspx


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