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Say NO To Extended City Centre Parking Charges February 6, 2009

Posted by liverpoolchamber in Liverpool, Policy.

parking_meterAs you may know, Liverpool City Council has plans to increase the times car parking fees are levied in the city centre from 6pm until 8pm (previously mentioned on this blog here).

This obviously a ‘Bad Thing’.

It can only have a negative affect on the city’s evening and night time economy, its workers, shops and residents. Money that could have been spent in a restaurant, cinema or bar will now have to go into a parking meter. That’s if people haven’t been put off making the journey in the first place.

So what can you do? Well, you can:

Take action now and help us ensure that Liverpool continues to be a city of growth, not stagnation. Otherwise, all of last year’s hulaballoo will have been for nothing, won’t it?


1. troyte - February 8, 2009

No – definitely no. I’ve learned to avoid Manchester because of the parking costs and problems with overzealous enforcement that they get to enjoy.

Having been fined a grand total of £75 so far for accidentally underpaying by £1 for a day’s parking in Mount Pleasant, I’m in no mood to tolerate more dipping into our wallets at a time when everyone’s struggling to make ends meet. Not only that, but on-street parking charges are meant not to be a fund-raiser, but a way of rationing what is a scarce resource.

But it’s not all bad – the £1 underpayment (which I offered several times to pay back) and the subsequent fine prompted me to get a contract in a privately owned car park. I’ve saved about £200 since then on parking fees, so overall I’m up in that regard 🙂

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