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Say NO To Workplace Parking Levy February 3, 2009

Posted by liverpoolchamber in British Chambers of Commerce, Policy.

parking_mThe British Chambers of Commerce has launched a campaign petition on its website to demand that the Secretary of State rejects the Workplace Parking Levy.

We believe this levy is a stealth tax on businesses that could cost British business billions of pounds. In its current incarnation it will require businesses to pay £350 per car parking space to the local authority.

This seems a ridiculous policy in a time of recession especially if you combine it with the Government’s attempt to legislate for additional rates on businesses in its Business Rate Supplements bill.

An application to introduce a workplace parking levy has been submitted to the Secretary of State by Nottingham City Council. We are urging the Secretary of State to reject this application and to abolish the tax altogether.

Our fear is that with the rejection of the Transport Innovation Fund in Greater Manchester local councils will be looking at alternative measures to raise funds for infrastructure. The noises that we are receiving is that many councils are watching Nottingham City Council with bated breath to introduce their own workplace parking levy schemes.

To register your opposition to this dangerous policy, please sign the petition on the BCC’s website.

You can aslo get into the debate on this special Facebook page.


1. Shane Pemberton - February 3, 2009

NO, to stealth tax

2. Ian Meadows - February 3, 2009

Workplace parking. This would add a tax of £20,000pa to our overheads, for no benefit whatsoever.
Through our own initiative, we bought a derelict factory, demolished it, installed a high quality landscaped car park – and took 55 cars off the roadside.
By introducing such a tax, the government is merely reducing companies’ ability to reward staff who would have spent the money and helped the local economy. Paying it into Council coffers might not be seen as being the same thing!

3. Colin Turner - February 3, 2009

This is NOT a stealth tax! It is an “upfront, in your face” insidious tax deliberately to incite unease amongst business people. Just like advance corporation tax, NI on company vehicles, waste water tax based on surface areas not actual waste water, tax on life assurance, health benefits and travel to name but a few. Initially proposed at £185 rising to £350 in £2014 will due to lobbying, likely be introduced at a lower rate, such as £120, then everyone will sigh with acceptance relief (temporarily). Then increase at double inflation and boom by 2014, the lobbying will be forgotten so £350 will be reached, by then lethargy has taken over the inevitability. Support your local Chamber of Commerce and ensure this tax is thrown out.

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