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City Council Car Parking – Proposed Extension Of Hours To 8pm January 29, 2009

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It could be you!

It could be you!

Liverpool Chamber of Commerce CEO Jack Stopforth today condemned Liverpool City Council’s plans to increase the period for car parking in the city centre from 6pm to 8pm.

He said: “To be even thinking of this on the very day that we have had a major employer, Shop Direct, announce 900 redundancies is deplorable. This Council talks a lot about being business friendly and listening to the voice of business but I know of no consultation with the Chamber of Commerce or anybody else having taken place.

“The investments made by the private sector in the city’s retail, leisure and hotels has been absolutely enormous and all of them will suffer as a consequence of this planned extension, not to mention shoppers, visitors, city centre workers and residents.

“I know that the City has to balance its books but in the teeth of a recession it has an obligation to support businesses and encourage further investment and employment. These proposals will have the opposite effect and will be welcomed by the city’s competitors. Sunday charging and extended evening charges are driving visitors away and jeopardising the progress we all made in 2008.”

What do you think? Do you think, like us, that this can only harm the city centre’s night time economy? Or will it help raise important funds for the council’s coffers in parking fees and tickets?

Let us know in the comments below or take our quick poll:


1. Missbugg - January 29, 2009

This is an outrange! Free parking makes the difference between me choosing to come back into Liverpool at night to go to the cinema and threatres. Parking is free in Manchester after 6pm at night. This really isn’t the time to hit either businesses or consumers with extra costs

2. Miss Outsider - February 3, 2009

Before they start charging later maybe they should sort out the public transport system, if they don’t want us parking then they could at least make it easier and cheaper to get into town on public transport.

3. Jonathan Butters - February 3, 2009

I support the continuation of free parking after 6pm even though I rarely use a car in the city centre. My preferred modes of transport are bicycle and motorbike. Surprisingly LCC severely restricted the parking of motorcycles a couple of years ago. Up to that point they tolerated mortorbikes parking free of charge in pay and display areas. There were not a lot of bikes or scooters in the city so this had gone on for years. The current situation is ridiculous and there is nowhere near the correct ratio of motorbike and car parking provisionas stated in best practice guidelines. If I need to visit the top end of town (Hope Street, etc.) then the nearest motorcycle parking is on the 3rd floor of the Mountpleasant car park or beside Rapid Hardware. When you consider that bikers generally have to carry their helmets and heavy, protective clothing as well (even in summer) this makes it unworkable. I have spoken to the council and they are not interested in providing more parking for motorcycles or scooters. You might not want to use 2 wheels yourself, but every scooter or bike is one less car clogging up the city and requiring a large parking space. The irony is, it’s more convenient for me to drive a car and park in Liverpool than to come in on a motorcycle!

4. Miss-ed the boat - February 3, 2009

Where’s the sense! We’ve just built a fabulous new Arena, opened a brilliant new shoping mall – Liverpool One – with increased opening hours till 8.00pm and – to crown it all off – the Council want to INCREASE the parking charges. What foresight! This will really encourage more people into our shops and theatres, won’t it

5. Sally - February 3, 2009


6. liverpoolchamber - February 3, 2009

Glad to see so many who think the same as the Chamber. What good can this possibly do to the night-time economy or private individuals?

7. Hilary Burrage - February 3, 2009

How can the theatres and so on support themselves if every evening punters would have to dash out in the interval and move their cars? Impossible… especially since the evening economy still doesn’t include decent public transport (and some arts customers are quite elderly so they really need reliable close-by transport).
I can’t believe this is a serious proposal, after all the shouting by the Council about how wonderful Capital of Culture has been for the arts sector.
Joined up (or even just sensible) thinking, this is not.

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9. Walter Smith - February 7, 2009

A ridiculous proposal, car parking charges were first introduced to stop all-day parking in our town and city centres, so preventing shoppers and visitors to businesses finding a parking space. The introduction of charges after 6pm would be purely revenue raising and be counter productive to the evening social scene. If this charge were introduced this would be another nail in the coffin of Pubs and restaurants, trying to stay in business during this credit crisis.

Walter Smith.
Craft Tailoring.

10. Roy McCarthy - February 9, 2009

“Liverpool One – with increased opening hours till 8.00pm” I think you just answered the question, Miss-ed The Boat.

It’s not about encouraging or discouraging people from using the city centre. It’s about having a captive audience – the council knows that people are going to be in town until 8pm anyway and god forbid they should miss out on the extra revenue. Nobody is going to cut short a night at the cinema or a shopping trip because they have to pay an extra couple of quid, it feels so small and so petty. That’s exactly what the council is relying upon here and it will soon add up to quite a pot.

It would be nice if they used some imagination in schemes like this, rather than just taking the easy route. If these charges are meant to be about stopping congestion in the evenings, rather than purely a revenue generating exercise, then at least make the tickets legally transferrable, so the space is paid for up to 8pm regardless of how many cars use it. Handing over pay & display tickets to the next user is pretty common anyway, but legalising it would send out the right message – as would installing paypoints that actually give change and, as was mentioned earlier, somewhere to park bikes, motorbikes and scooters.

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[…] Taking our quick poll here. […]

12. Misty Blaze - March 10, 2009

The answer’s easy; just get a job in the council offices or become a Councillor and then you can have 24/7 free parking 🙂

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