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Altern 8 – Christmas Drink Campaign December 16, 2008

Posted by liverpoolchamber in Business Crime Direct.

waterThis year, the Chamber’s Evening Economy Manager, Joe Curran is involved in a new campaign to help revellers stay safe over the festive season. He said: “In addition to the DON’T DRINK AND DRIVE CAMPAIGN’ we have decided to roll out awareness to address alternating alcohol consumption.”

ALTERN – 8 invites people to drink water at regular intervals when out socialising, in addition it encourages consumers to eat healthy and regular meals especially when out throughout the festivities.

Thousands of key rings will be given out by four taxi companies, Mersey Cabs, Davy Liver Taxis, Blue Line and Penny Lane Taxis. Drivers will be encouraged to give passengers a key ring on the outgoing journey. The taxi telephone number and company name displayed on one side and on the reverse the ALTERN – 8 message

Joe continued: “Often when people are in high spirits they consume large amounts of alcohol which often results in them committing crime, being the victim of crime or indeed becoming ill or injured. We are not being kill joys, however we invite customers to be more responsible and healthy whilst still having a good time. Drinking water in between consuming alcohol and ensuring that they eat regularly can enhance them being in control.”

Peter Jones Head of the Chamber’s Business Crime Direct team said: “Liverpool is a city that likes to celebrate and we want both residents and visitors to enjoy the whole of the city as we have so much to offer. However we also want people to be safe and responsible, we are currently proud of our achievements and one alcohol driven injury, accident or crime is one too much, we urge revellers to drink water at regular intervals and consume alcohol responsibly.”


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