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Turn Prospects Into Sales December 4, 2008

Posted by liverpoolchamber in Business.

jedi-entrepreneur-mind-trickFREEDOM Business Coaching Ltd specialise in business coaching and mentoring in Liverpool and throughout northwest. They’ve kindly shared with us their new ideas to help you increase sales:

We have just designed a brand new concept to sell your products and services. We have done this using our coaching skills and knowledge. It uses coaching questions to interact with your prospect.

You are actually coaching your prospect to close your sale.

This gives your prospect ownership of the sale and they will feel better about the whole process.

You are helping them solve their pain using your products and or services.

Step 1 – Be liked

People only like doing business with people they like. Your job is to build rapport with your prospect. Smile, be positive, be there for the person, and really listen to what they are saying.

Step 2 – Set the boundaries

Set out the purpose of the meeting, set your boundaries and understand your prospects boundaries.


1. What are expectations from this meeting?
2. My expectations from the meeting are……………….

Step 3 – Find the pain

Ask emotional needs questions

1. Where is the business now and where do you want it to be in five years time?
2. What will be the key issues within the next 12 months?
3. What keeps you awake at night?
4. When you close your office door and scream silently, what’s causing you your frustration?
5. What will you are left with after we have completed our work?
6. If I had a magic wand what would be the result if I waved it?

Step 4 – Sort out the money

1. Talk about the cost of your services and products
2. Talk about the costs if the prospect does not address his/her pain

Step 5 – Discover your prospects decision making pattern

1. Can he/she make the decision by themselves? (Internal Reference)
2. Does he/she need someone else to help them make the decision? (External Reference)
3. Does he/she need to think it over? (Detail and away pattern)
4. Can he/she make a decision today? (Global and towards pattern)

Understand what has to happen to do business

Internal reference, external reference, global, detail, away and towards are all thinking patterns. This is a separate subject, to find out more ask your FREEDOM coach.

Step 6 – Present the solution to the pain

Present you solutions to the pain, discus, benefits and features, focus on the afters. What the prospect is left with after you have done your work. Repeat the afters they are looking for and how your product/service is going to meet that after.

Way Forward

Step 7 – The thermometer close

Is there any reason why you wouldn’t go ahead with……………………….

Ask the prospect to score between 0 to 10 on the possibility of doing business. 0 = no 10 = yes

Score 1 – 5 you are in trouble go back and work on the emotional pain and solutions

Score 5 – 9 – Ask what do you need to see to make that a 10. Address the issues and misunderstandings Then ask the question where are you no?

Score 10 – Don’t sign up the client, simply ask the question, what would you like me to do now?

Let the prospect close the sale

Golden Nugget

Try this closing question:

“Would you just give us a try?”

This is a fantastic closing question, it is very easy to say, it’s very passive and non threatening, it’s a closed question, to obtain a yes or no answer.

This approach allows the customer to try a small taste of your product or services, work out how you can deliver this small, low cost taster, it takes away the risk in the mind of the customer, they get to sample the benefits, if your product has real value the customer will buy.

Freedom Coaching are also running a series of workshops looking at networking and increasing your profit. Get all the details here.



1. Martin Haworth - December 4, 2008

Not to mention that asking great questions that show an interest in your client is fabulous to build a lasting rapport – which may well reap the value in months and even years to come!

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