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China Market Seminar And Trade Clinics November 28, 2008

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chinese_drum_set1430 – 1700 pm, 12th December 2008
Council Chamber, Liverpool Chamber of Commerce

Seminar: Impacts of Credit Crunch on Post-Olympics China Market
1430 – 1530

What should British business make of the impacts generated by the Beijing Olympics? Will China or Beijing suffer a post Olympics blue?

Will China be affected by the credit crunch? Will China’s economy slow down significantly or will China be the new opportunity for the global economic growth? What are the policies of Chinese government toward UK-China trade and investment? How should the importers, exporters and investors reposition themselves and change their China strategy under the new global uncertainty? Will China continue to be the workshop of the world? Where will be the new growing hotspots in China? What are other potential new challenges and opportunities?

Speakers at the seminar to cover the topics include:

  • Jack Stopforth, CEO, Liverpool Chamber of Commerce
  • Mr. Ni Jian, Chinese Consul General in Manchester (to be confirmed)
  • Dr. Kegang Wu, CEO ChinaDirect UK and Consultant to Liverpool Chamber

China Market Trade Clinics
1530 – 1700

You will have an opportunity to book an one to one session with Dr. Kegang Wu, consultant to Liverpool Chamber and a leading China market adviser in the UK market to discuss specific project or issue of China market.

The Chamber have been operating a number of services and programme in supporting Merseyside companies in international trade and a member of the Chamber’s team will be available to discuss with you about our current / future programmes, please specific one of the following topics when you  book:

  • Finical support for SME companies in Merseyside
  • ERDF China programme

The seminar and trade clinics are free. You could attend any one of them or both of them.

For more information or to book, please email: chinalink@liverpoolchamber.org.uk


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