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Trade Waste & Cyber Crime Event October 30, 2008

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The BT Convention Centre hosted a dual event to keep Merseyside businesses up to date on the pressing issues of the environment and cyber crime.

The event, hosted by Liverpool Chamber of Commerce’s Business Crime Direct team, provided an exhibition showcasing environmental and trade waste companies and cyber crime and online fraud protection businesses.

The event saw guest speakers and panellists address the crowd on a wide range of environmental, trade waste and IT issues. Keynote speakers joined in highlighting the importance to businesses of tackling the green agenda before new legislation catches them out.

The day also highlighted how businesses could save money by being green. Frazer Kearney of the NWDA explained how turning off one light bulb would not only save the energy of that bulb, but would save twice the amount of energy again needed to send the power from the power plant to your office.

Companies were also told of how they could save money through reducing their materials usage, re-using and recycling, as it is often more cost effective than simply disposing of spent materials while the exhibition was able to link companies providing these services to potential clients.

The afternoon session focused on measures businesses can take to prevent themselves becoming victims of online fraud. Steve Jackson, Chair of the North West Fraud Forum opened the afternoon’s presentations by outlining the massive cost of online fraud, which is conservatively estimated as costing the country £14 billion a year, although some believe the total cost could be more than £70 billion.

For more information and advice on tackling online fraud and other IT issues, visit www.businesscrimedirect.org.uk, www.getsafeonline.org or www.northwestfraudforum.co.uk.


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