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Beat The Credit Crunch Pt VI – Become A Productive Leader October 30, 2008

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In the penultimate part of our series on how to beat the credit crunch, we look at how you can change the way you work to become a more effective leader. The series is put together by our good friends Freedom Coaching, who are more than happy to hear from you if you’d like more info.

Step 6

Become an effective and productive leader. Here are some suggestions to help you manage your time more effectively and become more productive.

1. Switch off your Outlook visual and audio email alert.

2. Read and deal with emails once or twice a day

3. If you can, set up your out of office assistant with a message that says:

“Thanks for your e-mail, I will read and deal with emails after 5pm, if your message is urgent please call me on

xxx xxx xxxx. Thanks”.

4. Set goals and objectives

5. Become a little selfish – being too generous with your time will slow you down

6. Say no to meeting at other people’s convenience, respect your own time. If people are selling to you they will come to you. If you are selling to them, treat them as you would like to be treated.

7. Make a list of your Key Result Activities (KRA’s)

5. Make a list of all things you invent to do instead of your KRA’s (we all do it) and stop doing them

6. Shorten the time you allocate to tasks – Parkinson’s Law – Give too much time and the tasks takes that time, shorten it and you find ways of doing the task in the shorter time.

7. Focus on the important

8. Ask yourself – are the tasks you doing getting you closer to or further from your goals and objectives?

9. Stop being a perfectionist, especially within the business, it’s slowing you down

10. Make quick decisions, failure to do so will slow you down.

11. Start and finish your tasks one at a time.

12. Think through a task before you begin. Plan it. 10% of planning time saves 50% of the doing time.

13. Attend a time management workshop

Freedom Coaching can help you manage your time effectively. Get in touch and see how you can work smarter.

Next week, we’ll look at creating your dream team.

Bob Evans, Freedom Coaching


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