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Open Office 3.0 – Free Office Software Applications October 15, 2008

Posted by liverpoolchamber in Technology, World Wide Web.

Open Office 3.0, the latest version of the free, open source alternative to Microsoft Office, has been released.

Whether you don’t want to splash out on expensive, proprietory applications like Word, PowerPoint, Excel etc, or just want to stick it to the man by not giving Bill Gates even more of your money, Open Office is the way to go.

It offers equivalent packages to all the major office tools: word processing, databases, spreadsheets, graphic / image manipulation, presentations. It’s compatible with Microsoft, so you can open .doc files etc in open office, edit them and they’ll still work with Microsoft apps. There can occasionally be formatting issues if moving documents between systems, but nothing too bad. And if used as your primary suite of apps in the office or home, there won’t be a problem.

It’s a great option for home workers, small businesses, freelancers etc.

Simply get your free download here and join the open source revolution!

The site may be operating in basic mode at the moment due to high demand, but downloads are still available.

Take a look at Open Office and its tools over on the Lifehacker website.

You can also get a portable version for your memory stick to use anywhere. This is of a slightly earlier version though.


1. double7 - October 25, 2008


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