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Are You Ready For REACH? September 22, 2008

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Get Registered for REACH

What is REACH?

REACH is a new EU law on chemicals.  It deals with Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and restriction of Chemicals.

Under the new legislation, all chemicals manufactured, sold, used or distributed within the EU must be registered and approved by the European Chemicals Agency.

The new regulations will be phased in over 11 years. However, to benefit from the phase in period, you must pre-register your chemicals by 30 November 2008. If you do not pre-register, you will have to register your substance immediately from 1 December 2008 to continue to market and use them legally.

How could it affect your business?

If you are a manufacturer or importer of chemicals, you must register your chemicals. If you do not pre-register the chemicals you manufacturer or import before 30 November, or register them from 1 December, you will not be able to legally manufacturer or import them.

If you are a user of chemicals, you should talk to your suppliers to ensure that the chemicals you use will still be available. If you use chemicals or preparations containing chemicals in an unusual way, you may need to register this.

What action do you need to take?

–    Identify who in your organisation is responsible for REACH compliance
–    Create an inventory of all substances, and substances in preparations and articles that you import, distribute and handle
–    Identify for each substance whether you:
o    Import or manufacturer the substance either on its own or in a preparation in quantities of more than 1 tonne per year
o    Produce, import or supply articles which will release substances under normal usage in quantities of more than 1 tonne per year
o    Are a distributor
o    Are a downstream user – use the substance either on its own or in a preparation
–    You may find the navigator located at http://reach.jrc.it/navigator_en.htm helpful in identifying your responsibilities.

Guidance documents can be found here.

Pre-registration requires only limited data and there is no fee associated to it. A pre-registration file for a substance consists of:
•    Substance Identity: EINECS number, CAS numbers and names of the substance
•    envisaged deadline and tonnage band for the registration
•    name and contact information of a Contact person or Third party Representative who will act as the contact point in data sharing

You can register your chemicals online http://echa.europa.eu/reachit/portal_en.asp

See http://echa.europa.eu/pre-registration_en.asp for further infortmation

Consider the timescales

If you do not pre-register before 30 November, you will have to immediately register the substance from 1 December to continue to import or manufacture the substance. You are therefore strongly recommended to pre-register as soon as possible.

–    1 December 2010: Registration of substances manufacturer or imported in quantities of more than 1000 tonnes per annum; or substances classified under CHIP1 as Very Toxic to aquatic organisms at more than 100 tonnes, and substances classified as Category 1 or 2 CMR
–    1 June 2013: Registration of substances manufactured or imported in quantities of more than 100 tonnes per annum
–    1 June 2018: Registration of substances manufactured or imported in quantities of more than 1 tonne per annum

Where can you get further information?

There are a number of information sources online:

The Health and Safety Executive (The UK competent authority)

The European Chemicals Agency

The European Commission


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