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Easy Online Invoicing For Freelancers (And Others) July 3, 2008

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Creating professional-looking invoices then tracking and managing them can be a complicated and time-consuming task. If you’re a freelancer, self-employed or running a small business, it can be a serious drain on your time.

However, those nice chaps over at the Lifehack website have put togather a handy list of web-based alternatives. These tools can help you stay on top of the whole process, from beginning to end. By managing your invoicing system more efficiently, you can concentrate on whatever it is you set up business to do in the first place.

The full list goes into greater detail, but includes:

Paypal: Simple and classic for the minimalist approach.

Blinksale: Greater control over the look and feel of your invoices

Freshbooks: its free account gives unlimited invoicing

Invotrak: another simple and free tool.

Whilst most of these support multi-currency invoicing, it’s worth checking out the full article for greater detail on what each service offers and at what price.

Read the full article at Lifehack here.


1. John - July 8, 2008

Another great option for invoicing your clients is Intervals, a web-based time tracking and task management service. Though invoicing is not its core feature, it does include invoicing capabilities for those freelancers and small businesses who need to bolt invoicing onto their current workflow.


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