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Jenny’s Jog Blog Week Two June 24, 2008

Posted by liverpoolchamber in Chamber Life.
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Continuing the epic tale of Liverpool Chamber’s Head of Membership Jenny Stewart’s preparation for September’s 5K Team Challenge

Week Two

And what a weekend it was, between shopping at Liverpool One (for the smartest track pants you’ve ever seen…with a pink go faster stripe…) and sampling the yummiest restaurants that Liverpool has to offer, it was quite a shock to the system to realise that I had to get my running shoes out of the cupboard again on Sunday evening! But not to be deterred, we recommenced the training programme, increasing the number of running lamp posts and decreasing the number of walking lamp posts.

The distance to the top of the road is 4/10ths of a mile and with only three stops, I am definitely becoming a runner!  Turning round at the top of the road my sister persuaded me to slow the pace and just run without the lampost breaks, just to “see how far we could go”.  Some how I had obviously warmed up, and with only 2 lampposts to get back to the start, there was no point in stopping.  Rather, I needed to sprint!

So with teeth gritted and elbow’s digging in, I ran and I ran until I was home.  It’s true I couldn’t speak, its also true I couldn’t breathe but it dawned on me that I had just run 4/10ths of a mile without stopping, so all this talking and breathing didn’t seem necessary!  It was quite an emotional moment and I think for the first time since I gamely (stupidly?…..the Ed)  volunteered to run this 5K, I truly thought that I just might be able to do it. (Come on, its not until 21st September and I’m already covering 8/10th of a mile in my second week of training!)

My sister is such a task master, not content with pushing the boundary just once in the second week, she has been doing so every night since! I’m covering a distance of about 1.3 mile and walking only three lamp posts in my warm up. I’m proud to introduce you to Jenny Stewart, the long distance runner! Until now the furthest I had ever run was to the corner shop to buy a packet of fags!

There’s something happening to my smoking too- I’m just not doing so much!  From 20 a day its more like 10 per day and I’m losing my sweet tooth. My lattes are now tall and skinny, perhaps at the rate of 4 per week and I’ve stopped adding sugar! I’m losing weight too but not in a thin way- and I’ve definitely lost my bingo wings!  How does that work?

One thing’s for sure though is that I am becoming the world’s biggest running bore! I’ve even considered stopping people in the street to tell them about my running- but I suppose I can be content with this column for the time being.

If I’ve inspired you, you can sign up to take part in the Liverpool Chamber 5k Team Challenge at www.runliverpool.org.uk

Remember though that if you are starting this for the first time, do it slowly!  You’ll put yourself off if you hurt!

For me its another weekend of shopping and eating out, although I think it might be worth increasing my dog waking pace to a slow run, so my third week is not such a shock!


1. Jane Connors - July 2, 2008

Well done Jenny – keep up the hard work and you’ll soon have Paula Radcliffe looking over her shoulder!!

2. liverpoolchamber - July 2, 2008

Jenny says ‘Thanks, Jane!’

Then muttered something about looking forward to meeting your team in the 5K. Sounded like a challenge…

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