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Credit-Crunch Cost-Cutter – Mary Poppins Style June 20, 2008

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Don’t You Just Hate Change?

I do. But when I can save upwards of £3000 per year, I’m suddenly interested in dusting off my daughter’s Mary Poppins DVD.

You see you get fed up learning new stuff. Like when the calculator was replaced by the spreadsheet (showing my age now).

First, you have the pain of understanding. Like a formula instead of a “plus” sign on a calculator.

And then once you’ve understood and conquered your new knowledge and skills, you have to change ingrained habits and routines.

Mary Poppins And The Electronic Post-Room

Here’s one such change. But this is different. You don’t have to learn anything new. Nor do you have to change anything.

Mary Poppins clicks her fingers and the toys in the kid’s room spring to life and tidy themselves away.

Now imagine if everyone in your office could click their fingers with the same magic when they wanted to post something. Instead, the letter they are typing or invoice they’ve just completed gains a life of its own. With a click.

Think Mary Poppins, think your office, think about the milliseconds of a “click”…

1. The expired laser toner leaps from the printer, into the recycling box, seals itself and runs off to the post office to post itself.

2. The new toner cartridge wakes up. Shakes itself from side-to-side and floats through the air, snapping itself into place inside the printer.

3. The printer switches itself off and back on again.

4. Meanwhile a ream of paper unwraps itself and 250 sheets begin to drift through the air towards the printer.

5. The printer is back on again. The paper tray magically opens, just in time to accept a fresh stack of paper as it lands perfectly. The tray closes.

6. Three minutes before all this, across the street in the stationery shop, a pack of envelopes drifted out of the window. Now, they fly in through your window to replenish your stationery cupboard. Magically just in time.

7. Just in time, because the invoices and letters your staff produced have flown from the printer, deftly folding themselves in mid-air as they slot themselves into an envelope.

8. Out of your stationery cupboard comes your mail. The envelopes sealing themselves just as the stamps unpeel themselves ready to attach themselves to your mail.

9. They’re ready to be posted. But of course, this is Mary Poppins world. You don’t have to take them to the post-office. They take themselves.

Back In The Real World There’s Even More Than Nine Steps

You have to go and buy stamps.

Or queue just as long to re-charge your franking machine.

You have to buy printers and copiers.

You have to buy toner cartridges.

You have to have someone come out and fix them.

You have to buy paper.

You have to order letterheads. And remember which tray they are in when you print.

Your staff have to walk to and from the printer.

What If You Didn’t Have To Do Any Of This?

And more importantly, what if you could cut out all of this cost and save an awful lot of money, added straight to your bottom line?

The equipment, consumables, hassle, and time all of this takes. All gone. Imagine if the printer wasn’t in your office. Imagine it was in the sorting office. And at the other end, a machine folded and stuffed your envelope.

And then posted it for you.

And each time you hit “print”, you paid just a penny or two more than the cost of a stamp.

How convenient would that be? Well this is now all possible.

Remember how we hate change? Well if you’re used to clicking the print icon, then there isn’t any change.

Instead, your document is magically posted.

Quite simply, you will save money. Lots of it. And time.

You will be paying less for:

  • Printing.
  • Stationery.
  • Letterheads.
  • Staff wages and time doing stuff a machine can do in a fraction of a second.

Want to know the magic behind snapping your fingers and having things done for you, and for less money? Take a peek here, and begin saving straight away.



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