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Laptop Crime Prevention Advice June 17, 2008

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I dares ya!Please find attached some valuable information to safeguard your laptop from Liverpool Chamber’s Business Crime Direct team. At the moment the city centre is a ‘hot spot’ for thefts of laptops. This information may protect you from being the next victim.

Laptop theft is a significant threat to business security. A stolen laptop often means a loss of sensitive and valuable data stored on the machine, which could have a detrimental effect on your business this could ultimately lead to a risk of identity theft.

Having a computer stolen has a cost – and not just the money you spend buying it or the money to replace it. There’s the inconvenience to you, your staff and company, the loss of records and the possible loss of business.

Evidence shows that a victim of computer theft has a significantly higher risk of suffering another theft usually within three months

There are some simple precautions that can be taken now to protect your equipment and business. You can:

  • Always lock the door to your office
  • Going to lunch, or taking a break? Carry your laptop with you or secure it in a locked area
  • If not in use put it in a safe and lock it. Remember it’s small and portable.
  • Ensure business survival! Back up all data to another storage device TODAY.
  • Introduce appropriate access control for the building and areas where computers are in use
  • If a laptop is carried in a vehicle store it within a purpose made safe within the boot, it may be inconvenient but the loss of the computer is more so.
  • Make it unique to you or your company. Mark it in such a way that it’s readily identifiable. This will reduce its saleability and make it easier to trace.
  • Anchor equipment to solid furniture, floors or walls using appropriate means. Remember it’s only as good as what it’s fastened to!
  • Review existing security precautions, regularly.

This list is not exhaustive –  it is designed to increase awareness.

If you need more advice contact your local Police Crime Reduction Officer who will be pleased to offer advice and provide a security assessment of your premises as required.

The staff at the mobile Police Station, which is located each day in Lord Street, outside what was The Gap will security mark laptops and mobile telephones for you….FREE OF CHARGE….

The Mobile Police station is there from 0930 to 1530 Monday to Friday.  All details are on the Police website www.mersyside.police.uk and look under Neighbourhood- newsletter.

The is also the facility at the Mobile Police station  to register you mobile telephone with National Mobile Phone Register  (NMPR).  Should your mobile phone be located when lost/stolen the register will be checked immediately and if you have registered you will be re-united with it.



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