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Liverpool Chamber’s Superlambanana Has Arrived June 16, 2008

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Unless you’ve got your head in a bucket, you’ll have noticed that Liverpool is currently overrun with Superlambananas, all individually decorated and dotted about the city.

Liverpool Chamber even has its own SLB. Not only have we sponsored the beasty, a member of Chamber staff has decorated it. Ours is called ‘First Past The Post’ and has been painted by Pamela Holstein, a talented artist who just happens to look after our press and PR.

You can see our SLB outside our offices at One Old Hall Street, and you can see more of Pam’s art on the Art In Liverpool website.


1. Tony Vaughan - June 17, 2008

Taking a group of tourists around the City yesterday, I was asked by one lady “What are they for – the Superlambananas?” “Madam” I said, “Over the centuries Liverpool has led the field in cutting edge technology. Who would have thought that the whole world would now crave and devour Beatles? So, instead of having mint sauce with your lamb we’ve cloned lamb with banana thereby adding a delicious fruity piquancy. Furthermore, as the fleece is now a bright dayglow yellow, they can no longer get lost on the fells when it snows!”

I think she was well impressed!

2. Jan Byron - June 17, 2008

We work opposite your lovley Lamb Bannana and we have just seen a man attempting to either unscrew or tighen the screws of your Lamb, he said he was tightening the screws but we were not sure, we rang Liverpool CC and they said it had nothing to do with them.


3. liverpoolchamber - June 17, 2008

Thanks. The lamb police are on the case!

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