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Jenny’s Jog Blog Part I June 13, 2008

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This September 21 sees the Liverpool 5K Team Challenge taking place in the city centre. Liverpool Chamber staff are busy putting some teams together and getting in shape for the big event. One of our gazelle-like entrants is Head of Membership  Jenny Stewart. She has kindly agreed to document her Spartan-esque training routine as an inspiration for others taking on the challenge…

Week One:
Having been inspired by  Alan Rothwell at RunLiverpool, and his colourful description of  last year’s Santa Dash, I’ve decided to take on the 5K Team Challenge – as an avid dog walker, how difficult can it be? I’ve begun a disciplined training routine under the watchful eye of my much sportier sister. I think I was compelled to train when I heard I would have to buy new shoes. Unfortunately she meant running shoes, but her advice of the more expensive the better to ensure I used them, went down well and a posh pair of trainers were duly bought. Actually I got a bit of a bargain, and managed to buy an amazing pair of high heeled, ankle strap shoes in a wonderful green…(that’s quite enough of that Jenny, the ed)

On the first night, I my trainer told me so far so good. I had gone further than I’d ever gone before…I’d actually put on my running shoes. But now I had to run! We started slowly, measuring distances by lampposts rather than milestones and are working our way up.  The first night we walked a lampost and ran a lampost covering a total distance of 8/10ths of a mile. (I can be accurate because I took delight in measuring the disctance the very next morning- in the car of course!). Using the tried and tested ‘walk a bit, run a bit’ method, we’ve slowly been building up my stamina. I don’t mind admitting I’m a dedicated 20 a day smoker. I’m not proud of it but I do it. I’m also a coffee-holic, so in the Bridget Jones style: Fags: 20; Lattes (full fat): 4, and Bars of chocolates or slices of cake: 3.

At the end of week one I am covering 8/10ths of a mile. Running 3 lamposts, walking one, but looking forward to the weekend off!

Will she go for the burn? Or just burn out? Look out for next week’s update to find out!

If you or your company would like to enter a team, you can find all the details and an application form on the Run Liverpool 5k Team Challenge website.


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