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Commercial Suicide? You Decide June 6, 2008

Posted by liverpoolchamber in Business, Sponsors.

During or after a meal, the waiter may mumble “everything okay with your meal?”. As they shuffle past your table, barely paying attention to your answer.

Apply that principle to a very contentious and emotional topic. IT that’s gone wrong at work. But instead of a half-hearted mumble, you are enthusiastically chased for your opinion.

IT support company for small businesses, Multisolutions, were either incredibly brave or monumentally stupid (you decide!) when they launched a page for clients to comment, without moderation.

“The half-hearted interest in how well or otherwise we were doing just didn’t suit us” explains Director Ian Denny. “I was advised by some very wise people indeed not do what we did. And they may well be proved right.”

Their clients are small businesses throughout the region. Businesses too small to employ in-house IT people. But just as reliant on stable IT, and fast fixes when things inevitably go wrong.

“Constantly throughout the day, we are subjected to instant judgement. Not only are we targeted on fixing IT problems fast, but every single fix we execute triggers an email to the client inviting them to have a rant. They are encouraged to do so in fact and given a link to our Rave or Rant page. And we have absolutely no control over what clients say. They are the instant judge and jury.”

Recently launched, 45 judgements have already been posted.

Take a peek here – Rave…Or Rant



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