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Convert Absenteeism Into Profit – A Novel & Successful Cost Reduction Approach May 30, 2008

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Well managed staff time can make the difference between profit and loss.

But how? – By using a fantastic new product called PeoplePointLite (PPL). It tracks Time & Attendance, (reducing the cost of absenteeism) and manages an Attendance Register, holiday bookings (request, authorisation, conflict management), lateness and absenteeism analysis.

Visit www.peoplepointlite.com and sign up for a 30 day free trial.

PPL also includes a Staff Directory, staff hours monitoring (core time, flexitime, part-time, rotas) and time used on Projects – who’s working on what and how the budget is going.

PPL has more than halved (53%) the absenteeism cost for one organisation.

The usage cost is less than 10p per day per person, minimum £360 (+VAT) per annum for the entry level version.

10 top tips for reducing Absenteeism and increasing Profit

1. Track your people time using PeoplePointLite, so you know where they are and what they are doing, and that it’s adding real value to your business.

2. Let your people see their attendance record in PeoplePointLite, so they know how it really looks, the patterns are very revealing!

3. Analyse the timekeeping using PeoplePointLite to identify the real attendance and absenteeism issues, there’s a standard analysis tool for this.

4. Use Lateness Messages to alert you, set up for a specific person or group you need to manage, so you can act in the moment, with evidence.

5. Act to manage your situation, based upon real data, from PeoplePointLite. We reduced our absenteeism by an astonishing 53%, money that goes straight to the bottom line!

6. Manage booking of holidays and prevent absence conflict by using PeoplePointLite.

7. Manage your Projects using PeoplePointLite, by setting budgets and monitoring progress.

8. PeoplePointLite is your Staff Directory that simplifies HR management.

9. Keep your company Contacts Address Book in PeoplePointLite, always available.

10. Manage your visitors, track company assets and manage those key documents (great for remote workers) using PeoplePointLite.

See staff availability and productivity rise, meaning more time on the job.

PeoplePointLite from www.ConnectInternetSolutions.com

More information is on www.peoplepointlite.com

You can set up your 30 day free trial, look at a demonstration version with real data that you can edit to assess ease of use, and look at some short flash videos that tell you more about PeoplePointLite.

Your business can step up a gear by using PeoplePointLite.



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