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Will You Be A Winner Or Loser On Your Metered Water Bill? May 13, 2008

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Changes in the way United Utilities calculates its surface water drainage charges could bring either a smile or a frown to the face of metered business users this financial year, according to the Chamber Utilities™ team at Liverpool Chamber of Commerce.

Previously, the charge was linked to rateable value, but the water company has introduced bands of payment based on the ‘chargeable area’ of a site, equating to the site area which benefits from the drainage service.

New meter customers were introduced to the new charging system last financial year, while existing customers will see the changes phased in over the next two years.

According to Jeff Wealands of Chamber Utilities™: “This means that city centre businesses with high rates, but small premises could pay less, while organisations in the non-prime locations, such as schools and factories, with big sites and relatively low business rates may pay more.”

“There will be no financial benefit to United Utilities as a result of the changes, whose overall revenue will remain unchanged, but there will be ‘winners’ and ‘losers’ among their business customers which should be prepared and budget accordingly.”

Chamber Utilities™ offers a raft of specialist services to help businesses minimise the cost of waste water and may be able to assist some organisations in reducing the new liabilities from the changed charging structure.

Utility Auditing, which delivers the Chamber Utilities™ service, has years of experience in environmental and wastewater management solutions. Savings can be made by increasing efficiency of wastewater processes, reducing pollution, and identifying recovery value for recycled waste product.

Additional benefits flow from the separation and recovery of by-products, which have a commercial value.

Added Jeff Wealands: “Water used to be a relatively low overhead but it is now an expensive surcharge. It is becoming increasingly important to understand the charges incurred for water supply and waste water disposal and how they can be reduced. The control of resources in your operation, including water and the control of what remains as waste is vital to cost minimisation.”

Chamber Utilities can advise businesses on total water management and leak detection, as as well as checking meter size to ensure users optimise efficiency.

For further information contact Chamber Utilities™ on 0845 120 2423, www.chamberutilities.co.uk



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