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Can You Help The Children Of Kenya February 29, 2008

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Good friend of Liverpool Chamber John Haynes would like to draw your attention to the plight of some of Kenya’s children. He’s also looking for sponsors to help give them a better quality of life.

Find out more below.

The Children of KENYA need your HELP!

They don’t want the modern gadgets! They don’t want the designer clothes! Not even money! All they are asking for is your love and encouragement for a better future for their journey into 08.

What could have started to be a fantastic year for Kenya, turned into turmoil and danger. Once again the children were let down by people in power.

The innocent are the youngsters, they are living in dangerous areas, with heartbreaking conditions around them.

They are a proud nation full of values and have a vision of leading a life that sometimes we take for granted.

A Dangerous Journey: I will be making my 8th trip out to Kenya on your behalf very shortly to help keep the vision alive. I will be telling the children not to loose heart and that we do care.

Please Help: This is how you can help.

Sponsor a child: 1 year at school with books, uniform and a food project = £50

Sponsor Water Wells: The women walk 5 miles a day to collect water for their daily chores and drinking water.

A New water well = £900, any contributions will be much appricated.

Let’s feed a village for a week: Feed a village with rice or maze = £2,000. For over 4,000 people. This will bring their smiles back into their bellies and love in their hearts.

Straw roof: Sponsor a new straw roof to protect a family from the rainy season £100 this will enable them to sleep through the night.

Any other contributions welcome, letter of hope, a poem, or a kind word!

Take inspired action!

Send your sponsored cheque payable to:“The Children of Kenya” to:

3 Orrell Lane
Orrell Park
L9 8BU

You have made a difference already.Your names will be on plaques, and
given to the families and children you have sponsored and the whole village will rejoice in your generosity.

Thank you, thank you

John Haynes.

P.S.Wish me luck, as we fly with the Eagles for the Children of Kenya.


1. stephenderwentpartington - March 6, 2008

Fine, and good. Please also note that there is a ‘vouched for’ fundraiser for a Kenyan child, ‘Baby Brian’, which can be found on: a) the VUMAKENYA website; b) on the blgsite of its initiator, Joseph Karoki – josephkaroki.wordpress.com

Find it; and the images, if you must. Do it!

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