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NLab Social Networks Conference 19/20 June 2008 February 26, 2008

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Announcing the NLab Social Networks Conference
19/20 June 2008, De Montfort University, Leicester, UK

The internet is transforming how small businesses connect with each other and their customers. The ability to collaborate with other small businesses to create and innovate becomes ever more important to sustainability.

How are small businesses going to cope with the massive changes taking place?

Social networking is key to answering these challenges, but what does it all mean, and how can small businesses develop effective ways of using social networking to generate wealth?

The NLab Social Networks Conference provides a timely opportunity to discuss these searching questions. A packed two-day programme of international and local speakers, practical workshops, and a networking dinner, the Conference addresses these questions:

– What is a social network and how can it generate wealth for your business?
– How can social networks increase creativity and why is that important?
– How will social networks affect the future of your company?
– What can you do right now to benefit your business?

NLab is delighted to welcome Andrea Saveri, Director of the Institute for the Future, Palo Alto. The Institute for the Future, a long-established Silicon Valley thinktank, has identified six major drivers of change for the future of businesses, work and society – Andrea will tell us how key trends shaping work will affect your business.

Other highlights include:

Steve Clayton, Microsoft UK, a veritable social networking butterfly, gives his thoughts on how his experiences at Microsoft can be applied to Small Business.

Roland Harwood, Programme Director at NESTA, asks, “Are online social networks the new cities?” and Toby Moores, CEO, Sleepydog, explores creativity through the trajectory of an idea from an ill-formed thought to a fully-formed product.

Chris Meade, Institute for the Future of the Book, presents the findings of research into how new media writers earn their money, and Jim Benson, Modus Cooperandi, explores how small businesses can make money through social networking.

Shani Lee, Toby Moores, Sue Thomas and Vijay Ryait, iQubed, talk about local small businesses who are successfully exploiting social networking via the innovative CreativeCoffee Club, and Ken Thompson shares his know-how on team dynamics, virtual collaboration and bioteaming.

For more information and to register your interest, visit the Conference website at http://www.nlabnetworks.com.



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