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Could Your Boss Be Better? January 25, 2008

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I want that report by lunchtime!!! Channel Five are looking for a boss to take part in a new reality TV programme:

There’s no such thing as the perfect boss…but there’s always room for improvement

Are you willing to accept that an overhaul of the way you run your ship is well overdue? And could your company be doing better as a result?

Then nominate yourself for a brand new TV show.

talkbackTHAMES Television, the company who make The Apprentice, are producing a brand new programme that could change your working life for the better.

We want to find a boss whose leadership skills could do with a change and, using a variety of tactics, show them where things have gone wrong, so that they can put them right. Ideally they’ll end up with happier employees and a more successful business.

If you fit the bill, or if you can think of someone who does, please call us confidentially on 0207 861 8191 or e-mail thebossproject@talkbackthames.tv

More info on the project…


There’s no such thing as the perfect boss. And this programme is going to find a boss who certainly has room for improvement – someone whose management style would benefit from change and whose employees and indeed profit margin could possibly perk up as a result.

We are producing a 60 minute pilot programme for Channel Five with the working title “The Boss Project”. We will film the boss at work (and occasionally at home), over about 7 – 8 days spread across a two month period to get a clear picture of how they behave at work, and what it’s like to work for them.

The programme will be entertaining, warm and encouraging. We want the boss to hopefully go on a personal journey as they discover what their staff really think of them and the way they rule their ‘empire’. It’s not going to be an easy ride – some of the comments will be hard to hear, others they may not agree with. At times the viewer may not agree with what our boss has to say, but ultimately, the viewers, will be rooting for the boss. Will they triumph in making positive changes to the way they work and create a happier environment for all involved?

We will talk candidly with both, the boss and their employees. The aim is to get the most comprehensive portrait of the company in operation; to get to know them and his/her leadership foibles and to also understand the areas of the business they need to focus on. This requires maximum access to the boss, their employees and the working environment.

For one week, we will place the boss in a variety of situations in which they will have the best ‘shop floor’ experience. They won’t know until each day what they’re job will be and they will do a full day’s work, each day, in a different role within the company. Hopefully they will understand their business better and get first hand experience of what it’s like to work under their regime. Each position would be chosen and pre-arranged by the production team. They may have started their careers in these positions, over twenty years ago for example. Will they still be able to hack it? Do they truly know what happens at the coalface? Well they’re about to find out. The boss has a certain type of leadership in place – but are their rules helping or hindering their staff? After this week, will they start to think differently about the way they run their ship?

There may be a few surprises thrown in throughout the week in order to reinforce some of the boss’s management foibles. The purpose of the filming is to get the boss to fully understand what they’re like as a leader and to show where the business can improve.

We’ll be filming continuously throughout to capture the highs and lows as they themselves learn exactly what they’re like as The Boss.



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