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Fraud Warning From Merseyside Police January 10, 2008

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 Liverpool Chamber’s Business Crime Direct Team has received the following information from Merseyside Police.

Merseyside Police LogoA new twist on the Advance Fee Fraud has come to light recently. Crime gangs are targeting foreign nationals in their own countries and offering them the opportunity to work and live in the UK. For a payment of anywhere between five hundred and eight hundred pounds they are offered a well paid job, education for their children and accommodation.

The problem is that the companies that are named have no knowledge of any job offers until the unfortunate victims make contact. Obviously this can cause a lot of confusion and difficulty for all of those concerned, except of course the fraudsters.

The perpetrators of this fraud generally will use the names of high profile companies, in one instance an international hotel company was targeted. They will use forged paperwork to give the scam an air of authenticity.

There is unfortunately very little that any company can do to prevent their name being used in this way. Being made aware of the situation can be helpful in forewarning companies of the possibility of such and occurrence.

It would be helpful if any company that has been scammed in this way would make contact with us at Fcou.fraud.wing@merseyside.police.uk

Merseyside Police F.C.O.U. Criminal Enterprise Team (fraud)
222 Mather Avenue
Liverpool L18 9TG
Telephone 0151 777 3255.
Fax 0151 777 3256
E-mail: Fcou.fraud.wing@merseyside.police.uk



1. richard - May 7, 2009

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