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London Low Emission Zone: What You Need To Know January 7, 2008

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Image of White VansDoes your business deliver to or take you into London? Then you may be effected by the new London Low Emission Zone (LEZ) that begins on 4 February 2008.

Vehicles affected by the LEZ in 2008 will have to meet a minimum emissions standard of Euro III for particulate matter. Operators should note the scheme extends to include more vehicles in 2010 and standards for larger vehicles tighten to Euro IV for particulates in 2012.

Operators have several options if their vehicles do not meet this standard. All engine modifications must be certified by VOSA:

  • Certify eligible engines. Some Euro I and Euro II engines were manufactured to meet Euro III emission standards for particulates and so can be certified by VOSA as such. Engines eligible for this certification are published on the website on the ‘Eligible Engines List’.
  • Fit an approved abatement device. A list of approved suppliers and devices is published on the website. Abatement devices are estimated to cost between £1500 and £5000 depending on the filter type and the vehicle in question.
  • Re-engine the vehicle
  • Convert the vehicles to run on gas with a spark emission
  • Reorganise fleets so that only complaint vehicles travel within the zone.
  • Pay the daily charge

In addition further information on the scheme can be found on the website (tfl.gov.uk/lezlondon). If your transport business has any more specific queries, then they can ring the call centre for more advice: Tel: 0845 607 0009.

Download this leaflet for more info. [PDF]


1. Mark Wingfield - January 13, 2008

Very useful site at http://www.lowemission.co.uk

2. accident compensation claim - February 6, 2008

What are the reasons for this that govt has to start this law?

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