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Your Views On An Expanded Heathrow December 12, 2007

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The British Chambers of Commerce (BCC) is seeking your views on the Government’s consultation on adding capacity at Heathrow Airport. The UK has campaigned strongly for airport expansion and Heathrow, as the UK’s busiest airport and only true hub, is crucial to the economy’s continued success. As it stands Heathrow is falling behind its major competitors. Amsterdam Schipol, for instance serves 21 UK airports compared with only nine served by Heathrow. London, as the world’s premier financial district, is also heavily reliant on its international connectivity and Heathrow underpins this success. It is for these reasons that the BCC is seeking your views on the proposed expansion of Heathrow.

Whilst Liverpool does not currently have a direct link to Heathrow this consultation might well be one way in which the role of regional airports feeding into major hubs can be further debated.

Liverpool Chamber needs to submit its response to BCC by 15 February so a response to Liverpool Chamber by the end of January 2008 would be helpful.

More information on this consultaion. [Word doc]

Please send your thoughts to: policy@liverpoolchamber.org.uk



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