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Lights Out Liverpool October 24, 2007

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Put That Light Out!The city’s most famous landmarks are set to turn off the lights for one hour, plunging the skyline into darkness to promote energy efficiency. We also need you to do your bit by switching off all nonessential lighting and electrical equipment.

Iconic buildings already supporting us include: Liver Buildings, The Port Of Liverpool Building, The Pump House, Malmaison, The Thistle Hotel and the Albert Dock Holiday Inn.

Visit the Radio City website for more information and to find out how you can take part.

Go green
Lights out Liverpool is just start of a massive campaign to make our city greener. You can make a big difference just by making a few small changes to your everyday life. Why not try and incorporate some of these ideas?

win an eco-friendly kettle
Support Lights Out Liverpool and win yourself an eco-friendly kettle. That way everytime you brew up you’ll be helping to save the environment!

In the office
Get your workplace signed up and registered.

Do your own thing
Tell us what you are doing for Lights Out Liverpool. If you are planning something special – no matter how small – drop us an email to let us know. We’d love to hear from you and we might even mention you on air with Pete Price.

Joining Lights out Liverpool is the first step to making Liverpool a greener place to live. By signing up you confirm you, or your company are going to participate. You will also receive a free information pack with an energy saving bulb from E-On



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