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Sir Terry Leahy Lecture, 30 October 2007 October 15, 2007

Posted by liverpoolchamber in Business, Events, International.

Liverpool Shanghai Partnership (LSP), the 48 Group Club, and the Specialist Schools and Academies Trust (SSAT) invite you to an Icebreaker Lecture presented by Sir Terry Leahy, Chief Executive of Tesco.

At this prestigious event, Sir Terry will speak to an invited audience about the importance of education, skills and training, and the growing economic importance of China, its language and culture, for our schools and the workplace in the 21st century, from his perspective as Chief Executive of Tesco, one of the world’s fastest growing and most successful businesses.

We are privileged to be holding the event in Sir Terry’s home city of Liverpool at St George’s Hall and very much hope you will be able to join us for this unique evening.

The details are as follows:

The event takes place on  Tuesday, 30 October 2007  at  St George’s Hall, William Brown Street, (Access through the south entrance via the Heritage Centre on St George’s Place).

5.00pm – arrival and pre-lecture refreshments:

7.30pm – departure

RSVP by 19 October 2007:  to sirterryleahylecture@ssatrust.org.uk



1. Julie Sankey - October 15, 2007

Maybe Sir Terry should be asked about the cruelty he condones on the inhumane killing of turtles in the chinese stores.He fails to acknowledge mails sent to him,but would rather allow his staff to send automated messages out to the public who have queried these actions.

2. liverpoolchamber - October 15, 2007

Hi Julie

Thanks for your comment.

Obviously, Liverpool Chamber is not in a position to comment on this issue, but we hope you reach a satisfactory conclusion to this soon.

Nick Jones
Web Content Officer
Liverpool Chamber

3. Shirley Neely - October 15, 2007

I wonder if he has invited any of the people capaigning against the cruel and disgraceful slaughter of live turtles and frogs in his new Chinese supermarkets? These are clumsily butchered by inexperienced staff in front of the customer or sold alive to be butchered at home as and when needed. Disgraceful practice Tesco.

It is of great interest and concern to many people and I’m sure would liven up the debate. BTW he has not invited me yet.

Want to know more?
go to turtlesco@yahoo.com ans see live video.

Shirley Neely
The Tortoise Sanctuary
Licensed by the States of Jersey

4. christine tadier - October 15, 2007

whatever happened to free speech

5. christine tadier - October 15, 2007

you have removed 2 messages of mine, why? are you not interested in what people have to say?

6. shirley neely christine tadier - October 15, 2007

the web site manager is removing comments if he does not like them. Whatever happened to free speech

7. liverpoolchamber - October 15, 2007

“whatever happened to free speech”

I believe we are witnessing it in action right here.

However, again, I must stress that this issue is not one on which Liverpool Chamber can make a comment, as it is an issue outside of our control. It is a topic, as as been noted, that is best pursued with the parties actually involved.

I welcome your comments and sympathise with your cause, but I do question whether this is the most appropriate forum to continue this debate.

Many thanks


8. Paul N Davis - October 15, 2007

Dear Nick,

Every comment that is sent to this blog that guides people to our website and petition, has been blocked. Far from free speach.

Perhaps you would be kind enough to allow this post through to make people aware that many Experts in the field, MP’s, MEP’s, Celebrities and over 7,000 people object to Sir Terry Leahy allowing TESCO to butcher turtles alive in China. That is in addition to the other animals that are sold alive there, like the frogs that are commonly skinned alive.

Perhaps then, the public will have the choice to decide for themselves whether this is a prestigious event or not.

Kind regards, Paul N Davis

9. Julie Sankey - October 15, 2007

Sadly Nick,this is the same sort of response we always get.Many of us have tried to get our messages to Terry,but he refuses to acknowledge our comments.How can he be set to talk about education etc,when he doesnt know his own head from his elbow.Instead himself,and Tesco staff prefer to bury their heads in the sand,and refuse to believe the pain and suffering inflicted on the poor turtles.Its all about money and greed.Tesco,promote vegetarian meals,why,when this sort of animal cruelty is allowed?

10. liverpoolchamber - October 15, 2007

Hello folks –

please be aware, the comments on this blog are moderated. That means they will not appear until I get a moment to check them out and approve (or in rare cases – delete) them.

None of the comments in this thread have been deleted. They have simply not automatically shown up when you’ve hit the ‘say it button’.

Liverpool Chamber in no way wishes to stifle free speech and debate. However, this blog is only part of my duties so does not get my undivided attention throughout the day. I only wish it did.

Please note I’ll be popping off home soon, so if any more comments are made but do not appear, it’s not some Stalinist masterplan, I’m simply somewhere else, probably having my tea or watching a bit of telly.



11. Paul N Davis - October 15, 2007

Dear Nick,

Unfortunately you are soley taking the brunt of the intial response.

We shall of course be making the Liverpool Shanghai Partnership (LSP), the 48 Group Club, and the Specialist Schools and Academies Trust (SSAT) aware of the activities of TESCO in China, which is fully condoned by Sir Terry Leahy.

Perhaps then they may like to reflect on organising such a prestigious event.

Paul N Davis – Turtlesco

12. liverpoolchamber - October 15, 2007


So there you go ladies and gents, you heard it here first.

13. glorious leader - October 15, 2007

Thanks to all of you who have raised the issue of Tesco’s practices in their Chinese stores. These will be passed to Liverpool Shanghai Partnership, the organisers of the lecture, with the suggestion that Sir Terry be alerted to the strength of feeling on this subject.

Controversy is not new to Tesco: growing one of the world’s largest supermarkets is bound to attract debate across a range of topics.The Chamber’s promotion of this event should not be taken as a sign of support for Tesco’s policies, either in respect of the treatment of animals in China or their controversial planning stances in the UK and elsewhere. But we do recognise their importance as a world-wide business and are bound, as a business promotion organisation, to advertise an event in Liverpool featuring their CEO – especially since he is a Scouser.

Sir Terry’s messages about business growth in emerging markets like China and on the critical importance of training and business exposure for young people are of great importance and relevance to businesses in Liverpool and Chamber members will want to hear them and have the chance to ask questions.

As for suggestions that we pervert or constrain freedom of speech, the answer is simple. We don’t. It’s a blog and as long as your contributions are legal and decent, we’ll use them.


14. liverpoolchamber - October 15, 2007

That was Jack Stopforth, BTW, Liverpool Chamber’s Chief Exec.

As you can see, he’s not a bit like Stalin. Doesn’t even have a moustache.

15. Paul N Davis - October 15, 2007

Dear Jack,

Thank you for your response.

Sir Terry Leahy is already well aware of the strength of feeling on this subject, but chooses to continue butchering animals alive in China.

More to the point, does your organisation want to be seen to promote this lecture from Tesco, now that you are aware of the animal cruelty at their hands ?

The success of Tesco is now tainted by the blood of these animals, by promoting the success of TESCO, you will be seen to be applauding and condoning their methods.

Your organisation will be receiving a request for an official response on your organisation’s position regarding this issue.

Take a look at our Turtlesco Petition, there you will see the quotes of objection provided by Experts in the field, Members of Parliament, Members of the European Parliament, Celebrities, and over 7,000 people who have condemned Tesco for their activity in China ?

Liverpool Shanghai Partnership (LSP), the 48 Group Club, and the Specialist Schools and Academies Trust (SSAT) will also be asked to provide an official response as to why they choose to promote a company that condones animal cruelty as part of their business.

Kind regards, Paul N Davis

16. shirley neely - October 15, 2007

Dear Nick

I think I like Jack. he talks sense and doesn’t dodge the issue.

Shame he dosnt have a moustache, I like a good tash on a man but then, no-one is perfect.

Can you ask him for a couple of tickets for the meeting please. I am a Lancashire lass and can visit family at the same time. Thank you in advance.

17. liverpoolchamber - October 15, 2007

Shirley, you minx!

Regarding tickets, again, Liverpool Chamber are not running or organising this event. If you wish to attend you will need to contact the organisers via the email address in the original post. We simply don’t have any tickets to distribute.

Liverpool Chamber have publicised this event because it is one of our duties to publicise and promote business-related events taking place in the city. I do not believe that our doing so applauds or condones activities carried out on a wider theatre by one of the participating bodies.

It is also one of our duties to generate and host debate about business – thus this blog. That is why we have been keen to dispel the earlier accusations of censorship. And why we welcome your comments here.

If you wish to contact Jack about this issue, you can do so at ceo@liverpoolchamber.org.uk

18. glorious leader - October 16, 2007

Paul and Others

The last posting from the Chamber summarises the situation perfectly: this is not a Chamber event but we were asked by the organisers to publicise it because of the obvious importance to Liverpool businesses of China as an emerging market as well as an established base for manufacturing, etc. That’s what Chambers do.

We have to believe (hope, even) that as China evolves as a sophisticated consumer market it will engage with the rest of the world about what is acceptable practice in a range of areas, from human rights to animal welfare. That is the cultural dividend of exposing previously closed societies to internationally-accepted norms. Some people are more impatient for change and prefer direct action – and so long as that remains within the law, that’s perfectly valid.

As for this Chamber providing Paul and Turtlesco with an “official response”, you’ll not be surprised to find that the Chamber’s Council has never discussed this topic and so there is no “official response” waiting to be dusted down. However, we do stand for ethical business practices and compliance with company law and international agreements.

As for Shirley’s email – my attempts to grow a tash and beard as a much younger man met with such derision that I have lonG since learned to love my razor.


19. Amused of Merseyside - October 17, 2007


I have just read through the thread. Can I buy you a beer. If I was you, that is what I would need right now…..

20. liverpoolchamber - October 17, 2007


A pint of Stella and a packet of cheese and onion, if you’re offering.


21. Bruno Ibanez - October 21, 2007

I was going to visit Liverpool on those days, but I prefer to wait until that meeting is done because I do not appreciate what that “Sir” is doing.

Peruvian people against turtle killing!

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