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Growing Your Business Through Direct Mail Seminars September 17, 2007

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Royal Mail LogoIn conjunction with Royal Mail and the DDL Group, Liverpool Chamber presents a series of three FREE practical business seminars on “Growing your Business through Direct Mail”

The first seminar taking place on 11 October 2007 takes a look at Customer Acquisition and how you can use Direct Mail to help you win new customers. At the Royal Mail Delivery Office, Milner St, Warrington the seminar will give you an introduction to direct mail, how to buy data, and how to get a return on your investment. There will be a practical session on creating your own direct mail piece and information on printing and fulfilment. By the end of the session, you’ll have the data, a direct mail piece, and be ready to get those customers!

To join us from 8.30am to 12.30pm on 11 October 2007, just email peter.tyrer@royalmail.com with your company name and contact details and the names of delegates. The seminars are free of charge, but reserve your place now as they will book up fast!



1. Philip Berrill - September 18, 2007

I am absolutely fed up with the amount of junk direct mail the Royal Mail pump through my domestic and office post and letter boxes. It used to end up in my direct mail waste bin. Now I mark it “return to sender, unsolicited mail delivered by Royal Mail.” This way the sender of the inwanted junk mail ends up paying for its return.
Instead of charging ever increasing prices for post and ever decreasing services Royal Mail and Post Office Counters should concentrate on giving the excellent urban and community postal servces we used to have.
I find it horendous that Royal Mail are running courses on how to use direct ( JUNK ) mail from which the post office profit for sure. Some one has got to fill their pensions black hole.
A colleague of mine sent 300,000 leaflets by direct mail paying Royal Mail over £30,000. My colleague discovered much of the direct mail never reached the target addresses. Royal Mail offered £50:00, yes fifty pounds compensation!!!. Eventually, after a battle of many months that was incrased to around £20,000 compensation.

We used to have the best post office and Royal Mail services in the world, now they are fast becoming a joke!!!
Philip Berrill. Managing Director Philip Berrill International Ltd. and former Sefton MBC Cnslr.

2. Walter Smith - September 18, 2007

My firm appreciate the excellent sevice that Royal Mail give us. The fact that firms send out junk mail is hardly Royal Mail’s fault. Like everyone else,I receive a large amount of junk mail, I am amazed how many firms send junk mail that is easily identified, most of which I receive goes straight into the waste bin. I send out a couple of mail-shots a year and get a good response – perhaps it is the attractiveness of my offer. My advise is keep it simple, do not include numerous leaflets, all our envelopes are hand-written, ensuring that recipients at least open them. My firm appreciates the help from Royal Mail that ensures our mail-shots reach our customers promptly, and those that cannot be delivered are returned to us enabling our mailing list to be kept uptodate.

Best Wishes,

Craft Tailoring – Liverpool

3. Missbugg - September 24, 2007

There are two things you can do to prevent ‘junk mail’ one is register with the mailing preference service, the other is to contact royal mail and they will give you a code to pin up in your door to advise that you don’t wish to receive it.

4. Andy Melia, Copywriter - September 25, 2007

I hope the Royal Mail suggest that businesses approach an experienced Direct Mail Copywriter to write their mailpack for them. You wouldn’t want to write it yourself now would you?

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