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Careful Now! September 7, 2007

Posted by liverpoolchamber in Chamber Services, Services.

Caution Sign
Chamber Risk insurance Broker Jardine Lloyd Thompson, have been telling us just how easy it is to have a accident! Take a look for yourselves and try to stop your eyes watering!

ROSPA have released annual injury figures for the following, you have been warned!

Trousers Accidents: 9,410 (Women 4,614) (Men 4,797)
How: Getting “things caught in zips, tripping over wide-flared trousers, putting on trousers too quickly!

Socks, Tights, Stockings Accidents: 69,700 (Women 34,150) (Men 35,560)
How: Slipping, tripping while walking on ice without shoes, dropping heavy items on feet, falling over while putting them on!

High Heels Accidents: 8,508 (Women 8,323) (Men 185)
How: Running and slipping. One man stated that his heels were “just too high”!

Bags Accidents: 5,248 (Women 4,448) (Men 800)
How: Tripping over them, getting hit in the face when swinging them!

Coats Accidents: 3,465 (Women 1,886) (Men 1,579)
How: Tripping over, taking off and pulling muscles,

Hats and Scarves Accidents: 923 (Women513) (Men 410)
How: Slipping on silk scarves, pulling muscles when scarf gets caught!

Belts Accidents: 882 (Women 410) (Men 472)
How: Trying to put extra holes in the belt with knives or getting hit in the face with the buckle while playing, puncture wounds from stepping on the buckle!

And last but not least!

Underwear Accidents: 451 (Women 287) (Men 164)
How: Scalded with hot drinks when only wearing underwear, falling when pulling up in the bathroom!

You can contact Liverpool Chamber Risk Insurance on 0845 347 1517 and get a 10% discount for Chamber members on a range of insurance including packaged property, employers’ liability and products liability insurance.



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