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North West Businesses Asked – Which Eco-Character Are You? August 28, 2007

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Which Eco-character are you (Innovator)Switched off to environmental issues? Doing your bit with cutting waste but missing where the next opportunity lies? Or perhaps you are totally committed to environmental action in your business?

If any of those characters sound familiar, it’s not surprising. The Envirowise programme suggests that the environmental behaviour of employees is routed in four different ‘eco characters’. And the key to a more profitable and sustainable business is making the best of these characters, which can be summarised as:

  • Eco-sceptics are non-committed individuals who perhaps have doubts over the motive to act on environmental issues
  • Eco-ignorers undertake the obvious mainstream activities, but are blinkered to the opportunities to take firmer environmental action
  • Eco-implementers are typically committed implementers of resource efficient activity, going beyond the most obvious actions
  • Eco-innovators are pioneers that look to seize the opportunity to improve competitiveness through completing environmental activities

Nick Ward, Envirowise Regional Manager for the North West, commented: “In every company, employees will have different attitudes when it comes to environmental and sustainability issues.

“We hope that North West’s business managers will see that recognising the attitudes of their staff is crucial in encouraging positive behaviour change on environmental matters. We’re not trying to say that a company of eco-innovators is best – rather managers should look to take the best from each employee in order to form an effective environmental team.”

Gary Pheiffer, Chartered Occupational Psychologist and Senior Lecturer at London Metropolitan University, added: “The definition of these eco-characters suggests that to bring about organisational change we cannot take a ‘one size fits all’ approach.

“Crucially, businesses must tailor their activities to reflect the needs and potential of different individuals. For example, awareness-raising activities or events may be useful for ‘unfreezing’ the eco-sceptics, while the eco-innovators could be called on to help enter their organisation for awards linked to sustainable action – which in turn could send out a strong message to their competitors.”

Envirowise can offer free, tailored advice to any company wanting guidance on becoming more sustainable – via a free advice line (0800 585 794), or via www.envirowise.gov.uk.



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